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Ultimate Guide for the Top Wedding Venues in Saratoga
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Saratoga, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, is a beautiful town known for its stunning natural beauty, charming downtown area, and upscale amenities. With its picturesque vineyards, lush gardens, and elegant estates, the area offers a wide range of wedding venues in Saratoga for couples seeking a memorable and romantic setting for their special day. 

Hakone Estate and Gardens

Pricing: $2100 – $7500
Capacity: up to 180 guests

Its unique and beautiful setting offers anywhere from a koi pond, bamboo garden, and wooden bridge that offer photogenic backdrops for your wedding day. This is one of the more popular wedding venues in Saratoga CA for couples who want a garden and want to be in nature.

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photo by Ian Chin Photography

Sanborn County Park

Pricing: Rental Fee: $495 reservation fee + $120 wedding fee + $6/vehicle parking fee
Capacity: up to 300 guests

For those who want an outdoor wedding venue in nature, this is arguably the best location for it for the beauty, weather, and price. With the grove of redwood trees acting as the perfect ceremony backdrop, this outdoor wedding venue is one of the most picturesque and affordable settings in the Santa Clara county area. It is perfect for a wide variety of tastes, ranging from a large celebration to a small elopement DIY wedding.

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sanborn county park wedding with bride and groom under redwood trees with wedding guests seated and the groomsmen wearing gray suits
photo by Ian Chin Photography

Mountain Winery

Pricing: contact for pricing
up to 300 guests

The Mountain Winery is one of the most stunning wedding venues in Saratoga, with an impressive 12 different venue spaces to choose from, all with their own charm and view. They are also known for their concerts, so needless to say they have experience with the grandest of affairs and large crowds.

Saratoga Springs

Pricing: Starting from $6000. Check the brochure for more information
Capacity: Up to 300 guests

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saratoga springs wedding venue

Willow Heights Mansion (Morgan Hill)

Pricing: Starting from $6000. Check the brochure for more information
Capacity: Up to 300 guests

Nestled in the charming town of Morgan Hill, Willow Heights Mansion offers a picturesque and modern atmosphere to make your wedding day unforgettable. From beautiful ponds to sprawling staircases, this Saratoga wedding venue provides enchanting backdrops for your special day.

The Tech Interactive (San Jose)

Pricing: Starting from $4500. Check the brochure
Capacity: Up to 450 guests

The Tech Interactive is a non-profit organization that offers an unparalleled wedding experience. Its exhibits spread across three levels, providing guests with a unique and interactive setting to enjoy. With its fun, educational, and entertaining environment, The Tech Interactive is the perfect place to celebrate your special day while creating lasting memories.

Villa Ragusa (Campbell)

Pricing: Starting from $1200
Capacity: Up to 650 guests

Villa Ragusa offers a comprehensive range of wedding services, including reliable vendor recommendations and private event planning. Centrally located in downtown Campbell and only 7 miles from the airport, Villa Ragusa is an ideal destination for couples and guests 

The Mountain Terrace (Woodside)

Pricing: Starting from $1500
Capacity: Up to 400 guests

Mountain Terrace offers a picturesque setting for any event in the heart of the redwood forest. With stunning views of the Santa Cruz Mountains, this venue provides the perfect backdrop for a dreamy outdoor ceremony or reception and is one of the larger wedding venues in Saratoga.

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photo of bride and groom at their wedding at the Mountain Terrace in Woodside under redwood trees taken by San Francisco wedding photographer Ian Chin Photography
photo by Ian Chin Photography

Regale Winery and Vineyards (Los Gatos)

Pricing: Contact the Property for details
Capacity: Up to 80 maximum 

Regale Winery and Vineyard, located in Los Gatos, California, provides couples with an intimate and elegant wedding experience. The indoor and outdoor spaces of the venue, including formal gardens and an outdoor bar, are designed to reflect the charm of Italy and France.

Roaring Camp Railroad (Felton)

Pricing: Starting from $10000. See their brochure for detailed pricing
Capacity: Up to 300 guests

One of the more unique Saratoga wedding venues, Roaring Camp Railroad offers a train ride in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains. Passengers are transported back on a steam train through towering redwood forests, meadows, and a beautiful river gorge. 

Green Oaks Creek Farm (Pescadero)

Pricing: Starting from $8000. Check the brochure for more information.
Capacity: Up to 60 guests

Green Oaks Creek Farm is a truly unique Saratoga wedding venue, boasting a beautiful garden enclosed by passion flower vines for a private and peaceful ceremony. The reception area, nestled between a vegetable field and a eucalyptus grove, offers stunning views.

Redwood Ridge Estate (Los Gatos)

Pricing: Starting from $12500
Capacity: Up to 100 guests

Redwood Ridge Estate is one of the more stunning wedding venues in Saratoga located high above the Santa Cruz Mountains, offering a mesmerizing backdrop for photography. The tranquil koi pond with an island in its center and a cascading waterfall is perfect for a serene and romantic ceremony. The reception is held amid a vineyard in a rustic barn with high ceilings adorned with fairy lights.

The Glass House (San Jose)

Pricing: $6,500–$8,500
Capacity: Up to 300 guests

The Glass House, situated in downtown San Jose, California, is one of the more modern and stylish wedding venues in Saratoga with a glass façade, high ceilings, and advanced lighting and sound systems. Its event spaces, contemporary décor, and city views make it an unforgettable and chic location for weddings and special events.

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glass house photos_2 web (1)

Blanco Urban Venue (San Jose)

Pricing: Starting from $12000
Capacity: Up to 300 guests

Blanco is a newer urban venue for weddings and events in downtown San Jose. The venue has a modern design, with plenty of space for guests to enjoy. Its location in the heart of downtown provides easy access to accommodations, restaurants, and attractions.

Latin Asian Fusion Kitchen (Campbell)

Pricing: Starting from $6000
Capacity: Up to 2000 guests

Latin Asian Fusion Kitchen is a unique and versatile wedding venue that offers the best of both worlds – Latin and Asian cuisine. The picturesque views of towering trees, blue skies, and a glistening lake make it an ideal location for an outdoor ceremony or reception.

Los Altos History Museum (Los Altos)

Pricing: starting at $8800
Capacity: Up to 225 guests

The Los Altos History Museum is housed in a charming Craftsman-style shingle farmhouse that creates a nostalgic atmosphere for outdoor events. With its courtyards, adorned with antique-style lamps, pergolas, and California blooms and provides a rustic and vintage ambiance perfect for elegant garden ceremonies.

Oshman Family JCC

Pricing: Contact the Property for details
Capacity: Up to 400 guests

The Oshman Family JCC is a premier Saratoga wedding venue that offers over 20,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor event spaces. Its Schultz Cultural Arts Hall features a fully-equipped theatrical stage, retractable theater-style seating, and a spacious kitchen prep area.

Opal Event Center (Mountain View)

Pricing: Starting from $2000 
Capacity: Up to 400 guests

Opal Event Center in Mountain View, California, is a wedding venue with modern and sophisticated event spaces, exceptional service, and state-of-the-art technology. The venue’s versatile event spaces, contemporary decor, and convenient location provide couples with a memorable wedding experience.

Rengstorff House (Mountain View)

Pricing: Vary from $2000-$3000
Capacity: Up to 150 guests

The Rengstorff House is a well-preserved Victorian home in Mountain View, known for its gingerbread-style architecture, windmill, and grain house. It is the oldest Victorian home in the area. 

El Prado Hotel (formerly known as Garden Court Hotel)

Pricing: Contact Property for details
Capacity: Up to 250 guests

Experience the perfect blend of romance and sophistication at el PRADO Palo Alto. With a team of dedicated wedding and event planners, every detail of your special day will be taken care of. With a unique blend of Spanish Colonial architecture and modern chic interiors, el PRADO offers an inspiring backdrop for your wedding or special event.

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Hopefully this guide gave you some insight into what types of wedding venues in Saratoga are available. If you’re flexible with location, check out these San Jose wedding venues

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