18 Best Redwood Forest Wedding Venues

The Ultimate Guide to the 18 Best Redwood Forest Wedding Venues
(with pricing and photos) 


Redwood forest wedding venues are a popular choice and it’s not hard to see why. Rather than a bare field decorated with flowers, redwood forests bring nature into the fold as the trees play a role in the overall appeal of the wedding. They give a woodsy charm to your special day, and thousands of couples choose to embrace the cathedral-like grandeur and majesty of redwoods—especially in the ancient redwood forests of California. Here is a list of the top redwood forest wedding venues that will make for a spectacular outdoor wedding come alive.

Ovy Camp (San Gregorio)

Rental Fee : $13,000 – $19,000 (rate includes 130 beds between lodging accomodations)
Rental Period: Friday at 11am – Sunday at 1pm
Capacity: up to 200 guests

OVY Camp and Event Center can be rented by the weekend (exclusive use) for an incredibly reasonable price. It is one of the more flexible and affordable redwood wedding venues in the Bay Area. They provide the backdrop – you choose the rest. You are not tied down to a list of caterers, photographers, or event suppliers – assemble your own vendor team at no additional cost. 

Muir Woods (Mill Valley)

Muir Woods is a stunning location to visit, let alone get married in. The picturesque nature of Muir Woods and the central location between San Francisco and Napa Valley makes it a very popular spot to celebrate. This place would also be a great opportunity to make an entire trip out of your wedding, with tons of things to see and do, as well as excellent cuisine to try a few miles away. 

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muir woods wedding with bride and groom inside a tree silhouetted with a blue effect reflecting the redwood tree

Mountain Terrace (Woodside)

Rental Fee : $2,500 – $4,500 (ceremony only)

With decades-old trees acting as a wedding ceremony backdrop, The Mountain Terrace is the ideal setting for anyone who appreciates natural beauty and basking in the sun and fresh air. With a recently remodeled mega deck, they allow several options for outdoor and indoor receptions, making this redwood wedding venue a great choice. 

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the mountain terrace wedding venue bride being walked down the aisle by her parents with guests watching her and redwood trees in the background

Old Mill Park (Mill Valley)

Rental Fee : $125 – $275 / hour
Refundable Deposit : $100 – $1,000

Located in Mill Valley across the Golden Gate Bridge, Old Mill Park is one of the most popular venues for weddings in San Francisco and perfect for those who love nature. They have a separate ampitheater that comes with its own staging and seating, making it a convenient wedding venue in San Francisco for large and small weddings. 

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Old Mill Park Wedding Photos same sex couple marrying under redwood trees

Sanborn County Park (Saratoga)

Rental Fee: $495 reservation fee + $120 wedding fee + $6/vehicle parking fee
Capacity: up to 300 guests

For those who want an outdoor wedding venue in nature, this is arguably one of the best redwood wedding venues for its combination of beauty, weather, and price. With the grove of redwood trees acting as the perfect ceremony backdrop, this outdoor wedding venue is one of the most popular and affordable redwood wedding venues in the Santa Clara county area. 

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sanborn county park wedding bride and groom standing under redwood trees while wedding guests watch

UC Berkeley Mather Redwood Grove (Berkeley)

Rental Fee: $1500 – $8500 
Capacity: up to 200 guests
Email: gardenrentals@berkeley.edu

The centerpiece of the Mather Redwood Grove is the intimate Townsend Amphitheater, the setting for fantasy forest weddings. The bridal party walks under the towering redwood canopy to meet the gathered guests at the amphitheater and solemnize their union in this magnificent cathedral of redwoods.

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Deer Park Villa (Fairfax)

Deer Park Villa is one of my favorite redwood wedding venues that will exceed your every expectation, not just with its natural beauty but also its convenient location near San Francisco. It is one of the prettiest Marin County wedding venues and features the best of both worlds : an indoor venue and a grove of towering redwoods.

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SF Botanical Garden (San Francisco)

Rental Fee: starting at $875
Capacity: up to 70 guests

The Redwood Grove is a tucked-away gem in the middle of the SF Botanical Garden, surrounded by towering redwood trees that create a setting similar to a Muir Woods wedding. It is currently only available for weekend ceremonies and has a 2 hour rental period.

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Saratoga Springs (Saratoga)

Rental Fee: $1000 – $6950

With towering trees surrounding you, this redwood forest wedding venue features only one indoor area, the Creekside Room, because the whole point of being here is to immerse yourself in nature! This large outdoor property offers 6 total ceremony locations, each ranging in guest size but all offering the beautiful outdoors of the South Bay Area.

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saratoga springs wedding venue

Outdoor Art Club (Mill Valley)

Rental fee: $5,000 – $5,400

The Outdoor Art Club is a Mill Valley nonprofit organization that seeks to preserve and promote natural outdoor spaces. As such, it is one of the more surprisingly affordable Marin County wedding venues centrally located in Mill Valley. It offers a nice secluded location for an outdoor ceremony with a reception following in the century-old clubhouse. 

Waterfall Lodge (Ben Lomond)

Rental Fee: $7,800 – $22,900

Waterfall Lodge is a gorgeous redwood forest wedding venue in the Santa Cruz mountains. It offers a choice of two sites for weddings wide terrace and patio areas for cocktail parties and dining in the middle of uplifting redwood scents. A reclaimed wood barn makes up the dancing area and some chic 1970’s style cabins for accommodation—summer camp style. It is incredibly serene, and if you hadn’t deduced from the name, there is a gorgeous waterfall just to make it extra special and one of the most romantic redwood forest wedding venues.

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Stern Grove (San Francisco)

Reservation Fee : $50- $150
Hourly Rate (6 hour min) : $153 – $178 
Outside Area Fee : $200
Refundable Deposit : $750
Capacity: 120 guests

Stern Grove provides budget friendly indoor and outdoor options for a wedding while also providing a classic natural backdrop. The centerpiece of the site of your Stern Grove wedding will be the Trocadero Clubhouse adjacent to the outdoor ceremony location. Surrounding the Trocadero Clubhouse, you will find groves of redwoods and eucalyptus trees and a small pond. 

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stern grove wedding redwood trees and a green bench

Piedmont Community Hall (Piedmont)

Rental Fee: $4725 – $5250 (8 hour rental)
Depsoti: $1000
Capacity: up to 200 guests

This is one of the more unexpected redwood forest wedding venues in that it is located next to a playground, and is technically a city government office. The Community Hall Ampitheater is the popular ceremony venue, located in the heart of the park in a redwood grove. The patio can seat up to 120 guests with additional seating in the bleachers for 80 more guests.

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Piedmont Community Center Wedding bride and groom wearing a blue suit holding hands under redwood trees during the ceremony

Nestldown (Los Gatos)

Rental Fee: $15,000 – $35,000
Capacity: 125 – 200 guests depending on season

Nestldown is a private redwood wedding venue located on 180 acres of pristine forest and meadowland, with a beautiful lake and waterfall that create the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. The grounds are meticulously maintained, and you will find plenty of picturesque spots for your ceremony and reception, as it offers numerous locations ranging from redwood groves to fantasy lands.

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nestldown the chapel

Kennolyn’s Stone Creek Village (Soquel)

Rental Fee: $16,000+ (Hacienda Estate), $20,000+ (Stone Creek Village)

Kennolyn’s Stone Creek Village on Glen Haven Road Soquel, California, is an idyllic 300-acre redwood paradise where you can host weekend-long weddings. Designed to look like its own miniature town, it takes you back to the days when logging and mining were the order of the day here. It presents a rustic redwood amphitheater with seating made from stumps and built into the hillside for a cathedral-style wedding. The towering redwoods provide a mystical vibe straight out of a fairy tale. Plus, there are also plenty of indoor and outdoor spaces for any wedding style. The bridal and groom party can stay in the cabin cottages, maintaining their period appeal with vintage stoves, antiques, and down comforters. There is plenty to enjoy on the property, including basketball, swimming, volleyball, hiking, and more.

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Roaring Camp Railroad (Felton)

Ceremony Fee: $700 – $2950
Reception Fee: $4500

While there are a number of options, the most charming takes you and 100 guests roundtrip on a 100 year old steam engine to a circle of three generations of redwoods. This is easily one of the more unique California redwood wedding venues to choose from.

Twenty Mile House (Graegle)

Contact for pricing

The Twenty Mile House on the Old Cromberg Road Graeagle, CA, is a 200-acre private estate in the middle of the Sierra Nevada mountains. It is breathtaking and gives the marrying couples a front-row seat to tie the knot in nature. This eco-estate sits between regal pines, acres of flowers, and cottonwood trees, but the main highlight is the rail line that passes through the property. Being one of the best redwood forest wedding venues, it presents fantastic photo opportunities, and if you are lucky, you might take some while the train passes by. 

Chalet View Lodge (Portola)

Rental Fee: $12,500 – $18,500

The Chalet View Lodge in Portola, CA, offers rustic lux with unparalleled beauty and flexibility of design. The 10 Acre resort is a blank canvas for you to make the wedding of your dreams amid gorgeous, fragrant redwoods. It is inviting, open, and has all the quirks you will look for to make a ceremony or reception venue. You will have plenty of secluded spaces for some intimate moments, romantic dining, and personal adventures. You get awesome forest and golf course views to make any style of wedding, be it country rustic, vintage, or even whimsical.

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