How to Plan a Wedding at the Secret Gardens Wedding Venue

Ultimate Guide for Planning a Secret Gardens Wedding Venue Celebration
(complete with pricing and photos)

With its beautiful natural surroundings and charming atmosphere, having a party at the Secret Gardens wedding venue offers a romantic and natural setting for your wedding celebration. Read below for the ultimate guide to planning a wedding at The Secret Gardens, giving you all the info you need to help you in your decision.

Why the Secret Garden Wedding

The Secret Gardens is a magical outdoor wedding venue that offers a picturesque setting for your special day. Located in the charming coastal town of Bodega Bay, California, the venue is surrounded by natural beauty, including towering redwoods, lush greenery, and vibrant flowers that bloom in their season. The Secret Gardens wedding venue features a spacious lawn area that can accommodate weddings of various sizes, making it the perfect choice for intimate gatherings or grand celebrations. 

The Secret Gardens Wedding Venue Cost

Rental Fee: $12,000+
Capacity: up to 120 guests

The Secret Garden Wedding fee covers 9 hours, 1 hour rehearsal, and the use of various amenities, such as tables, chairs, linens, and lighting. Couples can choose to have their ceremony in one of several areas throughout the venue, including the large garden, patio, or indoor area.

Insurance certificate can be purchased here

Best Time for a Secret Gardens Wedding

Tips for your Wedding Day

Embrace the natural surroundings: The beauty of a secret garden wedding is the stunning natural surroundings. Work with the existing scenery and landscape to create a magical atmosphere for your big day.

Choose the right time of day: Consider the time of day you will be having your ceremony and reception. If the garden is in full sun, consider having your ceremony later in the day when the sun is not as harsh.

Pay attention to the weather: While an outdoor wedding can be magical, it’s important to be prepared for all weather conditions. Have a backup plan in case of rain or extreme heat, and ensure guests are informed of any changes.

Keep the decor simple: The garden itself is the main decoration, so keep your decor simple and let the natural beauty shine. Use floral arrangements and greenery to enhance the garden’s natural beauty.

Provide comfortable seating: Make sure your guests are comfortable by providing plenty of seating options. Consider using rustic benches, vintage chairs, or soft cushions to add to the garden theme.

Provide adequate lighting: If you plan on having your reception in the garden, make sure to provide adequate lighting for the evening. Soft string lights or lanterns can add a magical touch to the garden.

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