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How to Plan a Sanborn County Park Wedding

Ultimate Guide for Planning a Sanborn County Park Wedding (with pricing and photos)


– Sanborn County Park weddings are picturesque with pleasant weather shaded by trees
– Weddings at Sanborn County Park are reasonably priced, starting at $495 for reservations.
– Peterson Grove in Sanborn County Park can accommodate just over 100 people
– Sanborn County Park holds ceremony times anywhere from 8am to sunset, unavailable for nighttime celebrations.

Sanborn County Park
16055 Sanborn Rd, Saratoga, CA 95070
(408) 355-2201

Interested in having a Sanborn County Park wedding and looking for inspiration? Sanborn County Park is ideal for those who love the outdoors and want an open space for their ceremony. With the grove of redwood trees acting as the perfect ceremony backdrop, this outdoor wedding venue is one of the most picturesque and affordable settings in the Santa Clara county area. Located in the South Bay, you can expect predictable sunny weather so you don’t have to worry about weather disrupting your outdoor wedding plans. Read below for all things regarding a Sanborn County Park wedding!

Why a Sanborn County Park Wedding

Sanborn County Park offers a picturesque redwood grove for your wedding in the heart of Santa Clara county at a very reasonable price compared to other similar wedding venues. Prices can go up to $495 for the reservation, with an additional $120 permit fee that covers both photo and video fees and a rehearsal day Monday – Thursday. There is a $6 entrance fee per person that you can pay for ahead of time so guests don’t have to worry about it the day of as well. There are little to no restrictions when it comes to specific food and drink vendors, decor, and amplified music.

Ceremony Details

The ceremony location in the Peterson Grove is on a medium sized deck, offering space for a little over 100 seats, or providing a comfortable standing area for elopements and smaller weddings. Amplified music is only allowed in the Sequoia / Peterson Grove, but some music restrictions apply during summer months.

sanborn county park wedding peterson grove white wedding chairs under redwood trees

An Elopement in Sanborn County Park

With ceremony times anywhere from 8AM – sunset, you have flexibility in crafting your wedding timeline to cater to your needs and have the entire place to yourself. There few areas more perfect and convenient than a wedding in Sanborn County Park. An elopement in this South Bay wedding venue means you and your partner can have the perfect outdoor wedding surrounded by centuries old trees. Eloping here allows you time to focus on intention while allowing for some awesome photography. It’s an ideal location for a wedding that combines a love of the outdoors and an appreciation for nature. If you are thinking of adding adventure to your wedding with a nearby hike, check out the best elopement dresses under $200 if you don’t want to worry about wearing a bulky elopement dress all day and worrying about it getting dirty.

What to Prepare : Permits and Size

With your $495 reservation fee, a photography and videography permit is already included for you and up to 300 guests. Fortunately, the Santa Clara County Parks system has made reserving your Sanborn County Park wedding a pretty straightforward process and they encourage you to call (408) 355-2201 for booking your wedding up to one year in advance.

sanborn county park wedding white tent and chairs set up for reception with trees in the background

Best Months for a Sanborn County Park Wedding

Saratoga can get pretty hot during the summer months, which also coincides with the most daylight hours of the year, so plan accordingly. Though Sanborn County Park does offer a lot of shaded areas for your wedding, the whole of the South Bay area can get weeks long dry heat waves.


Reservations can be made anywhere from 8Am – sunset, so for those who prefer a nighttime celebration you may have to look elsewhere! Decorations cannot be glued, stapled, or nailed to preserve the natural look of this wedding venue and public park. There have been updated Covid related regulations to ensure proper guest safety that you can read more about here. 

If having a wedding in Sanborn County Park sounds good, please CONTACT ME to discuss details! 

If you are interested in other venues, check out my extensive list (50+) of the Best Wedding Venues in San Francisco or the Best Places to Elope in San Francisco

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