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How to Plan a Hakone Estate and Gardens Wedding

Ultimate Guide for Planning a Hakone Estate and Gardens Wedding
(complete with pricing and photos)

Many couples choose to have a Hakone Estate and Gardens wedding because of its gorgeous natural backdrop that makes it a perfect choice for an outdoor ceremony. Its unique and beautiful setting offers anywhere from a koi pond, bamboo garden, and wooden bridge that offer photogenic backdrops for your wedding day. Read below for more reasons why a Hakone Estate and Gardens wedding might be best for you.


– With a koi fish pond, pink Sakura, and a waterfall, the Hakone Estate and Gardens wedding evokes a Japanese garden theme.
– Available ceremony times: 10am – 11am & 5pm – 10pm, overtime billed $500 per hour
– The Hakone Estate and Gardens ceremony can host 150 guests; the reception can seat 60 guests indoors + 40 guests seated on the nearby decks.
– The cost of a wedding at Hakone Estate and Gardens begins at $500 and will vary on the amount of guests.
– Packages available equipped with traditional wedding preparations, etc.

Why a Hakone Estate and Gardens Wedding

When Oliver and Isabel Stine started a Japanese garden as their escape to remind them of their voyages to Japan, they couldn’t imagine what their humble 18-acre garden would turn out to be. The setting looks something straight out of a Japanese movie. The main gate exemplifies something you will find in a Japanese village, pink Sakura tree blossoms pave the path for you, and a cascading waterfall and a koi fish pond make up the scene. If you have always dreamed of an evening wedding, this is the venue for you because Hakone estate and Gardens stay open to the public until 5:00 pm. Events begin after the gates have been closed to the public. 

Hakone Gardens Wedding

What you get at Hakone Estate and Gardens

You can get a moonlit Hakone Estate and Gardens wedding if your wedding falls on the night the moon is out—how romantic is that. The gardens can host 60 people indoors and a further 180 people outside. For cocktail parties where no one has to sit, the capacity can be stretched to 100 people. For your wedding ceremony, the venue can comfortably host 150 guests (seated or standing). This is held between the Cultural exchange center and Lower House. For the reception, 60 guests can be seated indoors, with a further 40 seated on the decks of the cultural exchange center. The madrone mound will hold 150 seated guests outdoors, while the lower house will hold up to 40 seated guests.

Hakone Estate and Gardens Wedding Prices

It costs between $500 and $7500 to host a Hakone Estate and Gardens wedding. This will depend on the number of people at the event, i.e., whether they are seated or standing and whether you require other services. These are peak wedding season prices, and you can expect prices to go down during the off-peak seasons. You are allowed to host a ceremony from 10 am to11am and from 5 pm to 10 pm, and any overtime is billed at $500 per hour. Ceremony-only packages start from $550 to $2250, and reception-only packages will cost between $1500 to $7500. You can also book the ceremony and reception packages which will range from $2100 to $7500.

All packages come with pre-wedding meetings, referrals, and consultations, bridal and groom dressing areas before the ceremony, a 1-hour rehearsal session, photography and videography permit, and free garden and parking admission for guests. The wedding couple also gets a 1-year complimentary membership to Hakone.

Best Time for a Hakone Estate and Gardens Wedding

Hakone Estate and Gardens Elopements

If you are not planning a big wedding, you will be spoilt for the choice of setting at Hakone. There is a magical ambiance created by redwood trees, a grand entrance, well-tended bamboo, and a natural tranquility you won’t find anywhere else. You can host your elopement at the Wisteria Pavilion, Tea House Garden, Moon Bridge, and Upper Wisteria Pavilion and still get most of the benefits of a full wedding. Elopement packages start at $300 on weekdays from 10 am to 3 pm, but you have the opportunity to extend your stay for $100 per hour.

Hakone Estate and Gardens Wedding Photos

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