How to Plan a Wedding in Saratoga Springs

Ultimate Guide for Planning a Wedding in Saratoga Springs
(complete with pricing and photos)

Are you interested in having your wedding in Saratoga Springs? This gorgeous “picnic facility” is nestled in the forests of the Bay Area in California. Here, surrounded by enormous redwood trees, sparkling creeks, and all the charm of Saratoga’s great outdoors, you’ll find accommodations for your wedding ceremony as well as a catered reception. To learn how to plan a wedding in Saratoga Springs, keep reading through the planning guide below.

Why a Wedding in Saratoga Springs

Do you love trees, fresh air, and the play of sunlight and shadows amid towering trees? If so, you will love having your wedding in Saratoga Springs. This venue features only one indoor area, the Creekside Room, because the whole point of being here is to immerse yourself in nature! This large outdoor property offers 6 total ceremony locations, each ranging in guest size but all offering the beautiful outdoors of the South Bay Area.

An Elopement in Saratoga Springs

Don’t think that a wedding in Saratoga Springs has to be big. You can also hold a beautiful elopement ceremony here with just a select few friends and family. One of the facility’s more modest areas like Saratoga Cove or the Creekside Room would perfectly accommodate a small elopement party of 50 people or less.

Saratoga Springs Wedding Cost

Rental Fee : $1000 – $6950

The actual Saratoga Springs wedding cost varies depending on which area (or areas) of the facility you book, how many guests you invite, whether or not you use the in house caterers or hire your own, and how many extra services (a DJ, photobooths, giant jenga, umbrella heater, etc.) you add to your wedding package.

Saratoga Springs Wedding Venues

Choosing a wedding in Saratoga Springs offers you 6 different venue locations to choose from. They have a guest count of 40 – 3000, and offer a wide range of settings and amenities ranging from large lawns, their famous Longbridge backdrop, and even a putting green. They all offer the same luscious outdoor sights and sounds that you are looking for at this gorgeous property.

wedding in saratoga springs
cathedral grove saratoga springs

Saratoga Springs Wedding – Time Limitations

One of the limitations is that the minimum amount of time you’ll have to stay is 3 hours, and the maximum number is 6 hours, which could potentially cause a problem with timelines.

Venue Limitations – Catering & Changing Space 

Saratoga Springs offers a large menu of appetizers, buffets, desserts, and beverages (including alcohol). But if you are thinking about hiring your own caterer, keep in mind that the venue will charge you $40 extra per person who attends your wedding. Also, keep in mind that there is no separate space to change clothes.

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