How to Plan a Wedding in Muir Woods

Ultimate Guide for Planning a Wedding in Muir Woods
(with pricing, photos, and video)

Curious on how to plan a wedding in Muir Woods? Many Couples choose picturesque settings to say their vows, and one of the most beautiful locations in California is Muir Woods. If having your wedding surrounded by groves of redwood trees and fresh air sounds like the perfect idea, read below for the steps on how to plan a wedding in Muir Woods.

– Muir Woods is easily walkable and centrally located between SF and Napa Valley.
– Muir Woods wedding permits start at $60 for up to 30 guests.
– Weddings in Muir Woods are done before 10AM or after 4:30PM and are ceremony only, no reception.
– Bad cell phone service, limited ceremony options

Why a Wedding in Muir Woods 

Muir Woods is a stunning location to visit, let alone get married in. The picturesque nature of Muir Woods and the central location between San Francisco and Napa Valley makes it a very popular spot to celebrate. This place would also be a great opportunity to make an entire trip out of your wedding, with tons of things to see and do, as well as excellent cuisine to try a few miles away. It’s incredibly well-maintained (1.5 miles of ramps and mostly flat trails make it very easy to walk) and only allow ceremonies before 10AM or after 4:30PM, ensuring you and your guests have more privacy for your wedding in Muir Woods.

A Muir Woods Elopement

There are few areas more perfect and convenient than a Muir Woods elopement. An elopement in this Bay Area forest means you and your partner can have the perfect outdoor wedding surrounded by centuries old trees. Eloping here allows you time to focus on intention while allowing for some awesome photography. It’s an ideal location for a wedding that combines a love of the outdoors and an appreciation for nature. If you are thinking of doing some hiking nearby on Mt. Tamalpais, check out the best elopement dresses under $200 if you don’t want to worry about wearing a bulky elopement dress all day and worrying about it getting dirty.

muir woods wedding with bride and groom inside a tree silhouetted with a blue effect reflecting the redwood tree

Muir Woods Fees / Muir Woods Wedding Permit and Size

Muir Woods is a national park, so you will still need to complete a permit (starting at $60). Thankfully, the National Park Service has worked to make it a pretty straightforward process. Regardless of the size of your group (even if it’s just the marrying couple and an officiant), all events need to be processed and approved in advance, which normally takes a minimum of 10 days.

Your date also has to be available, but luckily, there are multiple areas in and around Muir Woods for you to be able to hold an elopement ceremony with up to 30 guests.

Muir Woods Wedding Venue Restrictions

Firstly, there is very LITTLE TO NO CELL SERVICE in this park so keep this in mind! Given the nature of the Park, no animals, chairs, decor, music, or reception is allowed. Having a wedding in Muir Woods means it is strictly a standing ceremony location (although there are a few locations with benches) so plan on a reception elsewhere (read below for recommendations).

Best Months for a Wedding in Muir Woods

muir woods weather

This site shows the best hour by hour weather to help plan your wedding in Muir Woods

Muir Woods Wedding Photography and Walkthrough

Muir Woods Trails

For those more adventurous types, perhaps adding a hike before or after your Muir Woods wedding speaks to you! Take a look at this trail guide to help in your planning.

Post Ceremony

Since Muir Woods only allows ceremonies, you will need to find a reception location that best fits your style. If you want to minimize the commute, San Rafael provides a nice compromise for cuisine options and proximity, while San Francisco will have more variety. Check out my food and drink recommendations for San Francisco and my recommendations for San Rafael.

I hope you are now more confident on how to plan a wedding in Muir Woods. Having a Muir Woods wedding is all about enjoying the outdoors and having an intimate ceremony. 

Muir Woods Elopement Packages

I typically customize my packages to suit your needs (albums, parent albums, wall art for the living room, etc) but packages start at $1300, and associate photographer packages start at $1000.

Not sure about a Muir Woods Wedding? 

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