Mill Valley Community Center Wedding Photos + Planning Guide

Ultimate Planning Guide + Mill Valley Community Center Wedding Photos
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An expansive room with Cathedral-style ceilings, wood floors, and every amenity you could wish for on your special day are what await you at the Mill Valley Community Center. The community center can also accommodate small, simple elopement ceremonies and receptions. Whichever type of wedding you need for your price point and the size of your party, this venue is the perfect choice. And in this step-by-step ultimate guide, we’ll show you why.

Why a Wedding at the Mill Valley Community Center

The Mill Valley Community Center’s Cascade Room is a fabulous venue for a wedding ceremony as well as a reception. It features beautiful Cathedral-style ceilings, a raised platform where you can say your vows or position the DJ table, shiny wood floors, a commercial kitchen where you can prepare and store food for up to 285 dining guests, air conditioning, and internet access. Every amenity you need is available right at your fingertips.

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How to Book a Wedding at Mill Valley Community Center


Mill Valley Community Center Wedding Photos

What to Prepare : Size and Parking

When you’re planning on renting out a room at the Mill Valley Community Center, keep in mind the size of your wedding party. The Cascade Room can fit up to 400 people in a theatre style seating arrangement, but only up to 285 for dining. If you have a much smaller guest list, you will want to check out one of their smaller rooms. These rooms are still air conditioned and have internet access, but they do not come with raised platforms.

Since this venue is a community center, parking may be an issue if you have a lot of guests, as there may be other people who are using the center’s other facilities. Tell your guests to get there early so they can find a parking spot well before the start of the ceremony

Mill Valley Community Center Restrictions

In addition, if you hold your wedding at the Golf Course Clubhouse, amplified music must be shut off by 11 PM Friday-Saturday, and by 10 PM Sunday-Thursday. For a raucous, late-night after party, you may want to relocate your wedding guests to a different location.


There is no need to move your wedding reception to a different location when you book Mill Valley Community Center as your venue. The Cascade Room is large enough to accommodate both the ceremony and the after party. Alternatively, you can relocate your guests to one of the center’s many smaller rooms.

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