Best Affordable Elopement Dresses under $200

 If you’re planning an elopement and looking for a dress that matches your adventurous spirit, read below for the best affordable elopement dresses under $200 that are both stylish and practical. While there are numerous wedding dress options in the thousands, you can also find an incredible piece for your special day for far less.

A Trendy, Modern, and Feminine Jumpsuit 

This Anthropologie jumpsuit is currently just $200, but more importantly, it’s exquisitely simple yet elegant and modern. It’s perfect for a quick ceremony you want to look stunning in. It’s also a great outfit to transition to celebrations later, especially if you’ll be more comfortable dancing in pants. With a delicate feather lining across the neckline, this is just the right combination of simple yet detailed. You skipped out on the formal wedding ceremony and planned the perfect elopement – find the right wedding ‘dress’ that suits your think-outside-the-box attitude and non-traditional approach to life. 

A Traditional, Romantic Maxi Dress

If you want to find an extremely affordable option for a wedding dress that will still let you have exquisite photos that match the aesthetic of a traditional wedding, this Romantic Lace Dress from Lulus will do just the trick. It features a v-neck and a stunning mermaid hem bottom, which flatter the body and is still comfortable for dancing or simply moving around. For just under $100, your photos will be just as gorgeous as if you’d had on a $4,000 dress. 

A Beachy, Bohemian Dress 

For an elopement that’s planned on the beach or the shores of a lake, something light, fresh, and with bohemian vibes is going to perfectly match the mood. This delicate number is off-white, made of soft cotton linen, and keeps it beautifully simple with the details. No need for something flashy and fancy when you’re surrounded by beautiful beaches! It even has a shorter hem so that if you’re headed into the water or want to stand where the waves just graze over your feet for photographs, it’s perfect. 

A Modest and Sweet Dress

The fit-and-flare style of dress, like this one from White House Black Market, is a sensible modest dress that still keeps it short and sweet. Although it has no sleeves, the neckline is higher, and the hem of the dress reaches down to your knees. It’s beautiful and well-made and can be a perfect dress for a courthouse wedding or a brief private elopement in a religious ceremony.

These are some of the best affordable elopement dressed under $200 that will make your special day truly unique and memorable!

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A Sexy, but Simple Satin Dress

This ASOS dress is long in style and made from satin, which hangs beautifully on the body, and is overall a sexy dress in appearance. It features a cowl neck that hangs delicately and a beautiful lace-up style back. It has all the feel of something elegant, with a stunning, vibrant sheet of satin that hits the light perfectly. It’s also under $100 and might even be a dress you can wear again for a New Years Eve party if you wanted to. 

A Flattering, White Cocktail Dress

A Vegas-style elopement means you might be headed out for cocktails, clubbing, or something else fun after your short ceremony. Who needs a costume change when you’re already wearing a flattering white cocktail dress that lets you make the perfect transition to going out? This stylish number is short with long, lace sleeves, a lace-covered back, and a low neckline. It’s feminine and has beautiful details in the design and the lace. It’s short, sweet, sexy, and perfect for a casual wedding and afterparty. 

A Rustic, Country Western Dress

If you’re eloping n the country, or want to wear a dress that pairs well with cowboy boots, take photos by your barn, or riding horses, this beautiful, rustic wedding dress keeps costs low but personal style high. With lacy detailing and simple straps, it’s light and comfortable to wear and will look great in all your photos. It is a great dress option and super affordable at just $68. 

A Fun and Flirty Party Dress

This off-the-shoulder dress keeps it short and sweet but also fun and flirty. It has plenty of details in the design, from the lacey, off-the-shoulder sleeves to the scalloped neckline and the ivory ribbon that places a perfect bow around your waist. It’s only $50, which makes it well worth the money, and is a perfect dress for a small party or elopement with a few friends. Nothing fancy or flashy, but still something unique and easy to dress up in that will be perfect for saving for other fun events. If you’re looking for a non-traditional color, it even comes in a rich black fabric! 

A Stylish, Chic, and Trendy Dress

This Lace and Mesh Off-the-Shoulder dress from Le Chateau is a trendy and modern dress to go with your 21st-century style elopement ceremony. It’s affordable, at $135, and has a beautifully styled neckline and a fitted bodice. The lower half of the dress fans out in a flattering manner, and the hemline sits below the knees. It’s chic, yet still cute, fun, and friendly. Even if you don’t have a crowd to enjoy your dress, you can’t help but feel perfect in it. 

A Long, Flowy Train Dress

Do you know what makes for incredible photographs in the forest or among the trees or in the mountains? Long, flowy trains that build a beautiful contrast between nature and woman. If you’re having a small, intimate elopement ceremony in a beautiful outdoor space and are hoping to have some truly stunning photos afterward, consider a beautiful and feminine mermaid dress with a long, draping train behind you. 

No matter your style, preference, location, or budget, there are tons of options out there to choose from for your elopement. You deserve to look and feel your best, and these are just some of the best affordable elopement dresses to choose from. Finding the right one for you is just a quick search away. 

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