Beach Themed Cake Smash

The Luong Family held Sebastian’s beach themed cake smash / one year old family session at Dunes Beach in Half Moon Bay, thinking a location farther from San Francisco would prove to be more sunny to compliment their surf and beach themed photoshoot!

I photographed Sara and Tat’s Maternity Shoot at Land’s End about a year ago, so I was excited to help document another important part of their lives together. Sara previously sent me a bunch of sample décor photos showing an interest in a surf and beach themed photo shoot, going all out buying appropriate props and completing the set up with her own surfboard. It was a gorgeous sunset at the beach and the more unknown Half Moon Bay beach allowed us to avoid big crowds and to enjoy the scenery mostly all to ourselves.

It is always nice when families coordinate clothing, and the Luong Family dressed up in perfect attire for the shoot depicting California beach weather. Sebastian was his typical happy self, smiling and giggling as the balloons waved in the air and also tracking his mom’s enthusiastic attention-grabbing motions behind the camera. Tat and Sara are one of my closest friends and it is always an honor to document their life events, being able to witness the ups and downs and “riding the waves” of parenthood along with them. 

Cake smashes are 50 / 50 as to whether the kid will even touch the cake, but fortunately Sebastian is a very curious child and from his enthusiasm, tearing into the cake proved he enjoys making a mess! This beach themed cake smash was the perfect mixture of their personalities and it was great seeing Sebastian’s joy as his feet touched the sand.

Congrats on year one down you guys! If these early days are any indication of whats to come, you guys are going to be just fine!

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