How to Plan an OVY Camp Wedding

The Ultimate Planning Guide for an OVY Camp Wedding
(complete with pricing and photos)

If you are interested in an OVY Camp wedding and looking for inspiration, this guide will help lead you in the right direction, offering all the necessary information you might need for your planning. It is one of the best deals in the Bay Area, offering rentals from Friday – Sunday all for one price.

Why an OVY Camp Wedding

The OVY Camp and Event Center not only serves as an inclusive event space but also contributes to the well-being of underserved youth. By renting this non profit wedding venue, hundreds of underprivileged teenagers are sent to high-quality summer camp programs. 

OVY Camp Wedding Price

Rental Fee: Contact for Pricing
Capacity: up to 200 guests

How to Book OVY Camp Weddings

Phone: (650) 747-0321
Contact Form:

OVY Camp Wedding Locations

Redwood Grove

The Redwood Grove provides the perfect space for your wedding ceremony. Surrounded by forests of redwoods, the platformed area and benches are the perfect place to say “I do.” 


Seating for up to 200 with fire pit. Great for ceremonies or Friday night gatherings

Main Hall

Seating up to 200 guests, this indoor hall includes benches and tables for a rustic atmosphere

Willow Glen Lodge

8 rooms with a fully stocked kitchen allows you and your guests a more comfortable accommodations compared to the cabin village (see below)

Cabin Village

A wedding at OVY Camp also includes 12 cabins hosting up to 105 guests for your Friday – Sunday rental.

Best Times for a Wedding at OVY Camp

What’s Included

  • Friday 11AM – Sunday 1PM rental
  • Ampitheater with fire pit
  • Willow Glen Lodge with Full Kitchen
  • 12 Cabin Lodging
  • Pool
  • up to 200 Benches and Tables
  • Nature Areas


I hope this blog helped you in imagining what OVY Camp weddings can look like! With its location in between the Peninsula and the Santa Cruz Mountains, you can be sure to have stunning scenery for your celebration. 

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