Old Mill Park Wedding Cost and Planning Guide

Old Mill Park Wedding Cost and Ultimate Planning Guide
(with pricing and photos)

Are you wondering what an Old Mill Park wedding cost is and how to plan a wedding there? Do you want to get married under Redwoods without paying large rental fees? Then Old Mill Park in Mill Valley, CA is the perfect venue for your wedding or elopement ceremony. In this ultimate guide to planning a wedding there, which includes how much an Old Mill Park wedding cost is, I’ll show you what it takes to hold your wedding in this fairytale-like grove and venue.


– Old Mill Park is a short drive from San Francisco that features several different points of attraction. The venue provides a quiet getaway from the bustle of the city.

– An Old Mill Park wedding fee can range between $125 to $275 per hour, varying on the amount of guests. A refundable $100 – $1,000 security deposit is required.

– A transportation plan is necessary for weddings at Old Mill Park.

– Choosing a separate reception venue is recommended after your ceremony (but not necessary)

Why an Old Mill Park Wedding

If you and your partner love the outdoors, having an Old Mill Park Wedding is a perfect little spot for you. It features several different points of attractions, including a historic mill; the Redwood Grove with barbecue pits and picnic tables, and the Amphitheater, an outdoor stage that is ideal for holding a wedding ceremony. Located in Mill Valley, it is a short drive away from San Francisco.

Old Mill Park Wedding Cost

Rental Fee : Weddings of up to 75 guests are $125 – $150 / hr
Large weddings with more than 75 guests cost $250 – $275 / hr 
Refundable security deposit : $100-$1000

Check out the more in depth fee outline to understand the costs better

How to Prepare : Parking and Permits

When you are preparing for your wedding at Old Mill Park, you should know that the City of Mill Valley requires you to submit a transportation plan. This plan will detail pick up and drop off areas for you and your guests in order to avoid traffic congestion. If you want your wedding catered or to hire food trucks for the after party, keep in mind that you need permits for both. You must also choose food trucks from the City of Mill Valley’s approved list.

Application to Rent for a Wedding in Old Mill Park

If you interested in an Old Mill Park Wedding, check out the Application to Rent

Old Mill Park Wedding Photos

Best Times for a Wedding at Old Mill Park

The temperature in Mill Valley stays fairly consistent throughout the year, with a bit more sun compared to San Francisco and a few degrees more warmth as well. The hot period (high 70s low 80s) don’t last for too long, but September and October are the warmest months and are very comfortable. See the graph below for a more accurate outline of the yearly temperatures.

An Elopement At Old Mill Park

If you and your partner want a small, intimate ceremony with just a few witnesses, an Old Mill Park Elopement makes a quiet getaway from the bustle of the city and the California highway. With a low rental fee and no minimum number of hours, you can have an elopement at Old Mill Park and go elsewhere for a reception or dinner. And what better place to truly focus on the one you love most than a tranquil forest?

If you are interested in discussing your Old Mill Park elopement please CONTACT ME


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