Elope in Georgia : Ultimate Planning Guide (updated 2022)

The Ultimate “How to” Wedding Planning Guide to Elope in Georgia
(complete with pricing, paperwork, and locations)

Whether you live in Georgia or are looking to travel there, below is a list of the best places to elope in Georgia to help you decide. The most fun part about getting to elope (after, of course, being married to your life partner) is picking the perfect spot for your ceremony. Beautiful mountains, exquisite trails, sunny beaches, quaint and historical spots in town – there are so many different options for where to hold your ceremony. 

Why Elope in Georgia?

Your marriage is a day when your partner and you hold each other’s hands and commit your lives to each other. Thus, this day has to be special with memories to cherish for a lifetime. With varied climatic conditions, Georgia provides you with gorgeous scenery no matter the season and will never fail to surprise you. It will be a wonderful and romantic experience to elope in Georgia. 

How to Elope in Georgia – Legal Stuff

To have a memorable wedding in Georgia, all you and your partner need are the following things. 

  1. A valid ID, you can use your state ID, passport, or driver’s license as ID proof. 
  2. You will have to remunerate a fee of $56 to get a legal marriage license.  

Though it has become easy and simple to elope in Georgia, it will be even more seamless if you seek help from some event organizers. 

Best Times to Elope in Georgia

Georgia is a place where you will witness hot and humid weather, during the summers, and you can feel the cold and moisture-filled breeze during the winters.  During the spring season, you can’t predict the weather here, as rain pours down as an uninvited guest sometimes! 

But overall, it is quite pleasant and in spring the surroundings will be blooming with colorful flowers.  So, if you ask me when the perfect time to have your wedding in Georgia is,  my answer will be now! Yes, you can elope in Georgia at any time as each season will be a treat. 

Best Places to Elope in Georgia

Tallulah Gorge 

Capacity: On-demand.
Fee: No permit fee and the other expenses vary based on the crowd. 

Tallulah Gorge and Tallulah River are iconic spots in Georgia. It’s a state park that is famous for trees towering over the canopies of the park, the full and flowing river that creates beautiful cascades of waterfalls as they travel across the rocks, and earthy and texture rocks that line the walls of the gorge. It’s extremely picturesque, and even if you’ve never been to Georgia, you’re likely to fall in love with this location and all its beautiful scenery. If you’re into the outdoors and being in nature or if you simply want to have exquisite photographs, this is one of the best places to elope in Georgia.

Tybee Island

Capacity: No limits 
Fee: $15,000 approx., and $25 to get a permit for having your wedding on a beach and the prices differed for the other spots. 

Tybee Island is essentially a small vacation island that is a 30 minute drive from Savannah. It takes about three hours and five hours to get to this island from Augusta and Atlanta respectively, so it is super accessible. It’s kind of like Georgia’s version of Hilton Head Island. There are beaches, activities, events, hotels, and plenty of things to do and see after eloping in Georgia. If you are looking to marry and have an entire honeymoon at the same location, Tybee Island is a great spot to consider. 

Sweetwater Creek State Park 

As its name suggests, Sweetwater Creek is not only a state park, but its main feature is the creek that runs through it. The creek is stunningly picturesque and makes for beautiful poses and powerful imagery for your elopement in Georgia. An added element to its unique aesthetic is the ruined building of an old textile mill. As with any state park, you’ll want to do some research to make sure you apply for any needed permits to have an elopement there. 

Jekyll Island 

Similar to Tybee Island, Jekyll Island is a beautiful coastal location for a beachy place to elope in Georgia. It’s calm, relaxing, and resort-like, so if you want to stay around for a honeymoon vacation, this is the perfect spot. The island has golfing, kayaking, horseback riding, water sport rentals, and more to keep you both entertained for your stay. You can take things easy and relax on the beach or get active. Driftwood Beach in particular is an incredible spot, noted, as its name suggests, for miles of exquisitely shape driftwood.  Have an intimate ceremony right along the beach at sunset and enjoy the privacy and romance of the island. 

jekyll island elopement
Like what you see? I'd love to be your wedding photographer for your elopement in Georgia

Cumberland Island

Capacity: Up to 50 guests
Fee: A $50 non-refundable fee for a special permit. A photography permit needs another $50 fee.

One of the state’s most spectacular sea islands, this will be an ideal place to elope in Georgia. With the verdant, mossy trees and the presence of wild horses, you will get one of the best scenic venues for weddings in Georgia on this island! It will truly be a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Cloudland Canyon

Capacity: No limits
Fee: $45000 and the permit is free 

As the name suggests, Cloudland Canyon is filled with glorious views in all directions. You can view the 1000-foot deep canyons in every nook and cranny of the park. The wooded areas and stunning waterfalls make this location one of the topmost scenic venues for weddings in Georgia.

You can enjoy the cute little yurts by renting them; your guests will have a fun-filled experience! The amazing part is that you don’t need any permits to have a memorable wedding at this canyon.

Cavender Castle 

Cavender Castle is a unique wedding venue in Dahlonega, Georgia. There’s a modern castle (not necessarily a ‘castle’ as one might think), but more importantly, they have a beautiful gazebo area set up among the trees and foliage with lighting and the perfect staging for an intimate ceremony for your elopement in Georgia. If you need something that doesn’t require too much planning on your own part, this is a great option for your elopement in Georgia.

Rock City Gardens

The Rock City Gardens is a unique natural area that encompasses over 4,000 feet of trails. The area is surrounded by flourish gardens, mysterious caves, and stunning rock formations, which are incredible to look at and great to photograph with. It’s a popular tourist attraction in Georgia and sits close to the border of Tennessee. You can also see Lookout Mountain in the same area. If you want to have an outdoor elopement and then enjoy the trails and hiking areas afterward, this is a prime spot for eloping in Georgia. Lookout Mountain allows incredible views in every direction. 

Toccoa Falls

Capacity: 200 persons
Fee: $500 as a rental fee to reserve the place as a wedding venue.

Toccoa falls is one of Georgia’s tallest, free-falling waterfalls and is located towards the east of the Mississippi River. This venue is easily accessible and it’s nearly 186 feet high from the ground. 

Though it is present on the grounds of a college, this place serves as one of the most spectacular outdoor wedding venues Georgia. To reach this spot, you have to travel for approximately one and a half hours from Atlanta and it takes nearly an hour from Athens. 

Amicalola Falls

Capacity: 50 persons at most of the outdoor locations
Fee: $20,000 and there is no requirement of a permit. 

If you have your heart set for a wedding venue by some serene falls, head to Amicalola Falls for one of the most unique places to elope in Georgia. Located near the Appalachian Mountains, this waterfall is nearly 729 feet long and offers you Icelandic photos without the travel! This spot not only serves as the perfect fit for wedding venues in Georgia but your wedding guests and you can also enjoy some adventurous activities here, like scenic hikes and zip-lining. 

Vogel State Park

Capacity: 100 persons per wedding ceremony
Fee: $5 entry fee and the total cost is nearly $15000. 

Being one of the oldest parks in the state, this place is a classic location to elope in Georgia. Vogel State Park always attracts a large number of people most of the time, so make sure to reserve the place well in advance for your wedding. You can check out the wedding process at this link.

Red Gate Farms

Red Gate Farms is the perfect place for an elopement in Georgia since it has 4 different locations / backdrops for your celebration. Family owned for over 80 years, they offer a little bit of everything and can offer a wedding venue for eloping in Georgia as well as large wedding sizes up to 300.


Hopefully, this list helped you in your planning your elopement in Georgia and gave you epic locations as to the best places to elope in Georgia! But don’t forget to take care of a few important necessities beforehand. This includes checking for reservations or permits that might be needed for a location, arranging dates in advance, checking budgets and costs for ceremonies or stays, and anything else you might need to have planned out prior to your elopement ceremony. 

For more elopement planning help, check out this Elopement Planning Guide to give you ideas and tips!

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