How to Plan A Shelldance Orchid Gardens Wedding

The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Shelldance Orchid Gardens Wedding (complete with pricing and photos)

With a setting seemingly taken from a movie, having a Shelldance Orchid Gardens wedding is perfect for those having an elopement or small intimate wedding! Exciting for both botanists and lovers alike, one can’t help but look around in awe at this nursery and how unique this setting is for a wedding day. For those who want a unique setting for their celebration, choosing a Shelldance Orchid Gardens Wedding is perfect!


– A wedding at Shelldance Orchid Gardens is fit for intimate weddings and small elopements.
– The Shelldance Orchid northwing is the ceremonial and reception space with room to seat 50 people.
– The Shelldance Orchid foyer greets your guests and poses as an appetizing initial room.
– The Big Orchid Room at Shelldance Orchid Gardens bears the highlight of the venue; showcases plants of all variations.
– May be rented at an affordable rate, flexible owner

Shelldance Orchid Gardens Wedding Cost

Rental Fee : $950 for up to 4 hours (1 – 8 hour rentals are possible also). Weekdays only
Capacity: up to 50 guests. Best for elopements under 10 guests

How to Book

Phone: (650) 355-4845 (Saturday and Sundays only 11AM – 4PM)

Shelldance Orchid Gardens Wedding Locations

The North Wing

Arguably the most important, the North Wing is the ceremonial (and reception) space for your wedding. The North Wing is a beautiful, bright, and protected space that glows with natural sunlight. With a path leading from the Foyer to the stage, it seems like this room was designed with weddings in mind! With enough seating for 50 of your closest friends and family, this room provides the perfect backdrop for an intimate wedding ceremony. If the reception is also being done indoors, it can be easily turned around while your guests enjoy cocktail hour outside since the decor is mostly taken cared of!

shelldance orchid gardens wedding venue with flowers and plants showing with a groom and groom standing in the distance wearing black tuxes

The Foyer

The Foyer includes an array of plant species that greet your guests immediately for an unforgettable first impression. On a day as important as your wedding, the initial moments at the venue are often times the most impactful and set the tone for the rest of the day. As you enter, you can’t help but look around in awe and appreciate the venue. With the hanging moss and refreshing scent of nature welcoming you, the Foyer acts as an appetizing initial room to show what this venue is all about. 

The Big Orchid Room

The Big Orchid Room is where guests can walk amongsth the hundreds of orchids on sale, as well as serve as a momentary escape for some unique portraits amongst the plants. This area is one of my favorite rooms at the venue because only after seeing rows of orchids of all shapes and colors did I really appreciate the beauty and variety of orchids. I can appreciate why they are my mom’s favorite type of plant and one of the highlights of having a Shelldance Orchid Gardens Wedding.

shelldance orchid gardens_2

Best Times for a Shelldance Orchid Gardens Wedding

The temperature in Pacifica stays fairly consistent throughout the year, with a bit more fog compared to San Francisco and a few degrees colder as well. The hot period (high 70s low 80s) doesn’t last too long, but September and October are the warmest months and are very comfortable. See the graph below for a more accurate outline of the yearly temperatures. 


Whether you have an elopement at Shelldance Orchid Gardens or not, the natural beauty of this unique wedding venue will leave an impression regardless. And while you are there, you might as well take a plant home and let it serve as a reminder of your wedding day to act as a natural wedding favor! Despite the beauty and uniqueness of this wedding venue, it can be rented for a vary affordable rate since the owner is all about giving back to the community and is passionate about sharing this lovely nursery with others.

Shelldance Orchid Gardens is one of my favorite places to elope in San Francisco, but check out this more extensive list for other San Francisco Elopement Locations if you would like more options.

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