Tre Posti Wedding Cost and Planning Guide

Tre Posti Wedding Cost and Planning Guide
(complete with pricing and photos)

If you are wondering what a Tre Posti wedding cost is and how to plan a wedding there, this guide will help lead you in the right direction, offering all the necessary information you might need for your planning. Located in St Helena, this venue’s expansive vineyards, rolling hills, and cozy settings make it one of the more popular St Helena wedding venues for a reason.

Why a Tre Posti Wedding

Trentadue offers several options to choose for the iconic “Napa winery” backdrop for your outdoor ceremony. Just a a short drive from San Francisco it offers a nice getaway for out of town guests and is farther away from the more touristy Napa Valley area.

Tre Posti is a treasure that shines brilliantly when it comes to choosing a wedding venue that truly captures the essence of romance. This venue’s expansive vineyards, undulating hills, and cosy settings are all intended to emphasize the romance of each moment. Tre Posti stands out as the ideal option for couples looking for an unforgettable setting for their big day because of its blend of natural beauty, culinary excellence, and personable service. The venue’s capacity and adaptability ensure that every couple’s vision can come to reality, whether it is an intimate affair or a huge celebration.

There is something beautiful about a location that reflects the romance of Napa Valley itself. Tre Posti accomplishes this with breathtaking artistry. Couples are immediately transported to an elegant and beautiful natural environment as soon as they set foot on the property.

How to Book Tre Posti Weddings

Phone: 707-963-7600

Tre Posti Wedding Cost

Rental Fee: $7,000 – $27,000 (site fee + F & B min)
Capacity: up to 230 guests

The actual wedding costs depends on day, season, and number of guests, but to give you a general range it can range from $7K – $27K for up to 150 guests. If you’d like to see a very transparent Tre Posti wedding cost outline, they have a very detailed pdf that even shows the full menu. 

Tre Posti Wedding Locations

Tre Posti sits just south of St. Helena’s downtown, minutes away from Napa’s most popular wineries. Throughout the property, several event areas exist to cater to different event types. These different event areas give couples the option to fully express their desires and reach for their exact dreamy wedding setting. 

The Vineyard

The Vineyard: 50 - 350 guests

The Garden Grove

The Garden Grove: 50 - 400 guests

The Harvest Room

The Harvest Room: 50 - 170 guests

The Courtyard

The Courtyard: 50 - 170 guests

Best Times for a Wedding at Tre Posti


While there are no named restrictions at Tre Posti wedding venue, some of the common wedding venue restrictions may apply:

1. Music in the garden – All events in the garden must be concluded by 10pm. If you would like to continue with the grove and stay longer, you are welcome to use the indoor space. 

2. Beer and Alcohol – you are not allowed to bring in your own beer and liquor. However, you may bring your own wine. You get a $25 per bottle charge for the corkage fee. all liquor and beer can be catered for in the venue. 

3. Catering policies: The venue provides catering. Tre Posti requires that all food be prepared on-site by the culinary team. For cakes and desserts, Tre Posti allows licensed vendors for a small fee. the venue requires that advance notice is provided to allow this to happen. 


I hope this blog helped you in imagining what a wedding at Tre Posti can look like! With its location in the heart of St Helena you can be sure to have stunning natural backdrops for your celebration. 

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