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Ultimate Guide to the Best Wedding Venues in Calistoga
(with pricing and photos)

If you are looking for the best wedding venues in Calistoga you have come to the right place! Wedding venues in Calistoga definitely have a special touch to them that you won’t find anywhere else. It is a short drive from the more busy city of Napa, so you will typically have more space, quiet, and availability for your wedding date in comparison. There are several options here to host a wedding with or without vineyard views depending on your taste. Read below for the best Calistoga wedding venues to help in your wedding planning.

Hans Fahden Vineyards

Rental Fee: $8.5K- $10K/event
Capacity: 110 guests

The vineyards of Hans Fahden are located in the Mayacamas Mountains, just outside of the town of Calistoga. The Hans Fahden is an ideal and intimate setting for your special day. You will get access to both indoor and outdoor areas within the site. The outdoor area boasts of lovely flowers and a pond, making it one of the most picturesque Calistoga wedding venues. The wine cave is the highlight of this location, and it is an ideal space for a reception.

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SSS Ranch, Napa

Rental fee: $49K/event
Capacity: 200 guests

If you want a tranquil and gorgeous setting, SSS Ranch is the place to go. There are few wedding venues in Calistoga that are as calm and tranquil as this one. This 20 acre property has a lovely Victorian vibe about it, with oaks, redwoods, fir trees, and vineyards. 

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Solage, Calistoga

Rental Fees: $43K to $53K for 100 guests
Capacity: 260 guests

If you are looking for Picturesque wedding venues, Solage Calistoga should be your first choice. It is a luxury wedding destination that will ensure you create lasting memories on your big day. Several couples dream of being married among the mountains, and this is precisely what you will find here. You’ll be surrounded by beautiful oaks and picturesque mountains. Isn’t it so lovely to marry in nature’s lap? Solage is unmistakably located in the heart of Napa Valley, the wine country. 

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Charles Krug Winery

Rental fee: $10K- $25K
Capacity: up to 800 guests

Charles Krug Winery is one of the more classic wine country wedding venues in Calistoga. This historic location is surrounded by Napa County’s natural splendor. It’s over 150 years old and is an ideal setting for a vintage-themed wedding. 

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The Four Seasons

Rental Fees: $18K – $35K
Capacity: 175 guests

Opened in late 2021, this is one of the newer wedding venues in Calistoga, and the grounds and amenities show it. Their focal point is the vineyard barn, which acts as a perfect backdrop for photos and ideal venue for hosting a reception. The lawn outside offers mountain views for your ceremony, allowing the iconic Napa Valley backdrop for images. When you book a wedding at the Four Seasons you know you will have the best service in town.

Indian Springs

Rental Fee: you can contact the venue
Capacity: Maximum 95

Indian Springs brands itself as a “modern bohemian retreat” and is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Calistoga. It’s a historic resort with lovely gardens, ponds, and greenery, among other things. If that’s not all, this site contains four natural geysers! The main highlight of this location is an Olympic mineral pool first built in 1910. If you are looking for something other than the typical Napa winery wedding, you’ll find it here. 

French Oak ranch

Rental Fee: You can contact the owners for the pricing
Capacity: up to 500 guests

French oak ranch is situated in between Sonoma and Calistoga. It is a 300-acre privately owned ranch and is ideal for anyone looking for a rustic backdrop and a barn wedding. There is a vast lake where you may relax and enjoy the scenery. It is one of the most beautiful Calistoga wedding venues that offers a one-of-a-kind property that is fully private. 

Isis Oasis Sanctuary

Rental Fee: $500- $1000
Capacity: 150

This is a lovely retreat center as well as a wildlife preserve. It is one of the tranquil wedding venues in Calistoga. It is the finest venue to get married to someone spiritual. The Temple of Isis, the world’s oldest interfaith temple, is also located there. Isis Oasis Sanctuary is ideal for your wedding because it has huge indoor and outdoor spaces. A big lawn area is available for dining.

wedding ceremony
isis oasis wedding

The Vineyard Estate

Rental Fee: $15k/event
Capacity: 130 guests

This grape estate is located in the mountains and offers stunning views. The setting is ideal for a romantic and relaxing evening. There is plenty of open space and scenic views to brighten up your wedding. Some people choose a more intimate environment for their weddings, and if you are one of them, the wine estate is the place to be. The ambience here will make you even more grateful for your special day. 

The interiors are equally stunning, there are two lovely large rooms that are ideal for a cocktail reception. A lovely patio that overlooks the vineyard adds to its beauty. This Vineyard estate is one of the most picturesque wedding venues in Calistoga.

 Santa Rosa Golf & Country Club

Rental Fee: $5K- $6K
Capacity: 450 guests

Calistoga is only a half-hour drive away from Santa Rosa Golf & Country Club. The breathtaking view of the vineyards is available from this club. Their chef may prepare customized dinners for you based on your specific requirements. They will put on an event that will undoubtedly beyond your expectations. The outdoor area boasts the garden, making it one of most picturesque Calistoga wedding venues.

Meadwood, Napa Valley

Rental Fee: $2.5K – $25K
Capacity: 380 guests

Meadwood is one of the more traditional Calistoga wedding venues since it is steeped in history and culture. It provides visitors with charming backdrops that can add to the merriment of your wedding and make the images truly wonderful! You will be surrounded by views of the mountains, rows of vineyards, and valleys because this is an outdoor venue a short drive from Calistoga.


One thing that comes to everyone’s minds when the name Napa valley comes up is the wine. But it is more than that, and Calistoga proves exactly this. Calistoga is secluded and serene, making it a great location for those seeking a tranquil wedding. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

Getting married in Calistoga would be a magnificent adventure filled with breathtaking landscapes, delicious cuisine, and a diverse cultural experience. It will enhance the splendor of your wedding. You can choose any one of the wedding venues in Calistoga mentioned above to make your special day even better!

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