How to Plan a University Club of Palo Alto Wedding

Ultimate Guide to Planning a University Club of Palo Alto Wedding
(with pricing and photos)

The Perfect Wedding Venue to Elope – University Club of Palo Alto

With picture perfect views, food, and service, the University Club of Palo Alto is a great wedding venue for couples who want to elope or have a small, private wedding. The 6 acres of land are surrounded by trees that provide excellent privacy for the outdoor ceremonial patiowhich is only a few steps away from the indoor reception room. Just 20 minutes East of San Jose and 40 minutes South of San Francisco, this venue is an easy trip for your close family and loved ones! Overall, the University Club of Palo Alto is an excellent venue to say I do for small and personal weddings or elopements.

Outdoor Ceremonial Patio

Surrounded by beautiful, native oak trees and hidden by the Matadero Creek, the outdoor ceremonial area at the University Club of Palo Alto is described as Palo Alto’s “best kept secret.” Above the patio rests a beautiful wooden canopy, under which the wedding ceremony takes place. The open rafters on the canopy allow for the perfect amount of natural lighting – great for amazing wedding photos 😀 

Additionally, a beautiful stone terrace provides a second option for couples who are interested in having an oak tree as the background for their ceremony. With white sheer drapes decorating the tree and beautiful golden sunlight beaming down onto the terrace, this outdoor area is the perfect option for great natural lighting. 

Indoor Reception Room

The indoor reception room has a truly welcoming feel, designed to make you and your guests feel at home. The 5,200 square foot clubhouse is home to the main dining room, which is where your reception will take place. 

Well maintained with large bay windows, the reception room looks out onto the outdoor ceremonial patio and terrace. The expansive wooden rafters and warm lighting of the room provide a unique, gazebo-like feel to the reception area, perfect for your special day. 

The cozy indoor clubhouse is small enough to make custom design, style-choices, and color coordination easy when it comes to decorating. With the perfect amount of ceiling, wall, and table space, the finishing touches to your decorating efforts are sure to come out beautifully. 

Closing Thoughts

For couples who would like to elope or enjoy a small venue for their wedding, the University Club of Palo Alto is the perfect choice. With a reputation for excellence, beautifully maintained outdoor area, and picture-perfect reception room, the club offers an intimate experience that caters to your privacy. 

Both areas – from the terrace/ patio to the reception room – are directly next to each other, encouraging more interaction and special moments with the people you love most. 
I understand that your wedding venue selection takes time, vision, and careful planning to achieve the perfect outcome, and hope that you have gained valuable information about the University Club of Palo Alto to help with your search. Overall, this venue is not only special, but is the ideal choice for a private wedding and elopement.
Thank you for reading, and be sure to reach out for any photography requests or additional information! Also, be sure to visit my blog for an insider look at a wide range of California wedding venue options 🙂

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