How to Plan a Pulgas Water Temple Wedding

Ultimate Guide for Planning a Pulgas Water Temple Wedding
(complete with pricing and photos)

A destination wedding where your wedding vows are taken underneath an ancient structure, your aisle is lined by a serene sight of pristine blue waters and an open sky above greets you with soft sun kisses. Does that sound like a dream destination to you? Then you are at the right place! Step out of those cliché destination wedding venues and go for this up-and-coming one. 

Here’s all you need to know about how to plan a Pulgas Water Temple Wedding! 

Why a Pulgas Water Temple Wedding

Pulgas Water Temple is an ancient structure dating back to 1934 in Redwood city of California. The major attraction of the place is the stone circle which serves as the altar for many wedding ceremonies. 

The water temple is designed by William Merchant in a Beaux Arts Style. The temple is designed in a way that fuses ancient Greek and Roman architecture symbolising the ancient techniques of these two empires which have been used to build this particular Dam for the Hetch Hetchy Project. 

The water temple that we see today was essentially completed in 1938 replacing an older (ply-made replica of it). Now the temple stands tall at the end of a reflecting pool lined with lush green cypress trees. Not to mention the vast expanse of gardens that come along with it. This is a perfect venue for all kinds of weddings if you want to keep it minimalist, adorable and serene. 

Pulgas Water Temple Engagement Shoot - Carolyn and Paul 6.17.20_45 (1)

How to Book Pulgas Water Temple

Phone: (650) 652-3209
Address: 56 Cañada Rd, Redwood City, CA 94062

Pulgas Water Temple is operational Monday – Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and is free to enter and park. On weekends, the parking lot is closed but the main area still functions. There are no special permissions that you require. 

Pulgas Water Temple Wedding Prices

Rental Fee: between $550 – $600 for up to 2 hours
Capacity: contact for capacity

This venue is only available for ceremonies, as it is booked in 2 hour slots. A lot of people like to have their wedding at the Pulgas Water Temple and then move to a nearby venue for the reception. 

Best Time for a Pulgas Water Temple Wedding

Why Have a Pulgas Water Temple Wedding

Perfect Wedding Backdrops

With a pristine blue reflecting pool lined with lush green cypress trees, you have everything that you need for a perfect wedding photoshoot. The circle that acts as an altar is a stone sculpture built with a Corinthian circle. It has raised pillars with ornate carvings on them along with an open rooftop. You have blues, greens, whites and greys, all colours you need to complement your bride and groom costumes! 

Best Outdoor Venue 

If you want an outdoor destination wedding then this place serves as a great space. Its open gardens allow you to manage seating as per your terms. Moreover, the ambience at this place is all natural and bright. You will also save up a lot on lighting, electricity and other costs that eventually occupy indoor destination weddings.

Creative Space  

At the Pulgas Water Temple, they provide only the venue and all other equipment/decorations are left to you and your wedding planner. Hence you can do whatever you want with the space. It is an extravagant space with a scope for many additional props and decor items to create a theme as per your wish! 

The huge gardens are an add-on to the list as you can manage the seating arrangement to your liking as well. All in all, Pulgas Water Temple provides a great venue along with a creative space for you to have your wedding your way! 

Pulgas Water Temple Wedding Photos


So that was everything you need to know about planning a wedding at the Pulgas Water Temple. 

Pulgas Water Temple is not only a beautiful wedding venue but also a place of historical importance for Redwood City and California. There are very few such places left which allow weddings on their grounds as well. 

If you’d like to discuss your wedding please fill out the form below!

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415 756 9335

762 10th Ave San Francisco, CA 94118

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