Wente Vineyards Wedding Cost and Planning Guide

Wente Vineyards Wedding Cost and Ultimate Planning Guide
(with pricing and photos)

If you are interested what a Wente Vineyards wedding cost is and how to plan a wedding there, you have come to the right place! Wente Vineyards is a Livermore wedding venue that promises unmatched experiences to any within the Bay Area. Catering to large and small weddings, there are plenty of indoor and outdoor event spaces for both the ceremony and reception. Read below on how to plan a Wente Vineyards wedding, including the Wente Vineyards wedding cost and information on the different wedding locations.

Why a Wente Vineyards Wedding?

A wedding at Wente Vineyards is a statement wedding. It is a unique and memorable venue and is one of the most sought-after Livermore wedding venues. For your wedding, you have a beautifully manicured lawn to host an outdoor wedding and a mission style event center to hold indoor weddings. In addition to having the Wente Vineyards wines to serve, married couples also get a membership to the entertainment club, which means a front-row seat to tastings and other events on the estate.

Wente Vineyards Wedding Cost

Rental Fee : $5000 – $25000 
Capacity : up to 500 guests (depending on event space used)

Wente Vineyards Wedding Event Spaces

For your Wente Vineyards wedding, you can use the Vineyard Lawn for an outdoor wedding. It is an open space with a backdrop of the Sandstone hills, vineyards, and olive trees. It is airy and has market lights hung in the space to create a scene straight from the movies. It is a large events space that will hold up to 500 guests.

The Event Center is an alternate indoor event space. The Event Center is a Spanish colonial-style building with a roomy interior thanks to a 15ft ceiling of old wine barrels. This space holds up to 150 guests.

Event Center

The Terraced Lawn sits between the event space and the Sandstone hills. It is a quiet secluded area that takes the character of the event center and the backdrop of the vineyard lawn. This space holds up to 400 guests.

Terraced Lawn

Best Time for a Wente Vineyards Wedding

May to October is the most popular period for weddings, given the combination of availability of guests as well as temperatures. See the temperatures to get a better idea of what to possibly expect for your Wente Winery wedding.

Wente Vineyards Elopement

Wente Vineyards elopements offer a custom experience with only the most important people in your life. It is achingly gorgeous –especially with the Sandstone Mountains backdrop, and you can even choose to have an elopement within the vines.

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