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Shakespeare Garden Wedding San Francisco

Kate and Ben met and live in Australia, but chose a Shakespeare Garden wedding San Francisco destination celebration since Kate grew up in the Bay Area and had a lot of family and friends still in the area. For Ben’s friends and family it also served as the best excuse to visit the city by the bay!

It was a funny instance “meeting” Kate, who contacted me via Facebook and inquired about my wedding photography…but also noted that we had actually met briefly at a mutual friend’s party a few years ago! I did remember meeting her and Ben at said Christmas party, but didn’t get much of a chance to chat with them as it was more in passing as I arrived late and they were about to leave. But when I did get to hang out with them and get to know them a little better, I saw they were both genuine and super kind souls, who value their relationships with family and friends and wanted a very casual and stress-free wedding. And that they did…for about 95% of the day anyway :O

In between the Shakespeare Garden wedding ceremony and the banquet reception at Grand Palace Seafood Restaurant was a 1.5 hour break which we filled with couples portraits at Lands End. After taking a few around the parking lot with the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance, we moved towards a hill overlooking the city and ocean. Towards the end of the session, I intended on doing a quick ring shot utilizing their chins pressed against each other (see below), right before hopping in the car to drive to the restaurant. What ensued was a frantic 30 minutes of looking for the wedding ring, as Ben and I were on our hands and knees uprooting ice plants and digging holes! It was very confusing to us all, since we were on dirt and the ring would only go straight down if it fell?! At one point Kate was calling around for metal detectors…but never with a stressed look on her face. She was the epitome of cool as a cucumber as Ben and I were freaking out completely perplexed as to what happened to the ring. Then, out of the blue, Kate calmly asked Ben to check his pockets (which he said he already did but did again) and lo and behold the ring was safely tucked away in his breast pocket! A huge sigh of relief followed by hysterical laughter ensued and we happily headed to the restaurant with a funny story to tell everyone upon arrival.

The rest of the evening was as carefree as intended, with tons of laughter, wild dancing, people flying thru the air, and cake covered faces. This Shakespeare Garden Wedding in San Francisco was such a memorable evening, not because of the missing ring, but because of the smiles and utter joy everyone had to celebrate such an amazing couple. 

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