Jack London Park Wedding

Jessica and Arthur preferred a casual Jack London Park wedding in Glen Ellen, CA, wanting a low key celebration. It was everything you might imagine a charming, intimate wedding to be. From the beautiful DIY floral arrangements and decorations, to the disposable cameras that were passed amongst the guests, the day was perfectly warm and easy-going.

During the wedding ceremony, instead of seating guests in intricately aligned rows of chairs, the bride and groom invited close friends and family to lounge comfortably on colorful blankets on the ground to enjoy the more laid-back, picnic-like ambiance of the day, which was absolutely overflowing with hugs, smiles, laughter, and singing. It had the vibe of a backyard wedding but in a gorgeous park! This Jack London Park wedding focused on having a good time without the fuss of a large production.

To honor the bride’s Chinese descent and the groom’s French heritage, their parents spoke in opposing languages to introduce and welcome everyone at the Ceremony. Jessica’s parents gave a little speech in French while Arthur’s parents delivered some sentiments in Mandarin. Well…they tried at least 🙂 It was a nice touching way for this multicultural wedding to address the mixing of households and family as one. Add in the many smiles and laughs heard throughout the day, you just know this Jack London Park wedding celebration was the start of a wonderful and warm life together.

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