Backyard Weddings

Looking for ideas for backyard weddings and elopements? I love small and intimate weddings where you only have a select group of family and friends to witness your special celebration. I consider photographing elopements (25 people and less) much more meaningful and important because there aren’t hundreds of cell phones to document the day. It is all me. I am tasked with documenting the real moments and keeping those memories alive during the wedding day for everyone in attendance (and not) to remember by. If you are considering eloping, backyards, parks, and Airbnbs provide easily accessible locations for you, but check out these elopement locations in San Francisco to also help in your wedding location search!

Backyard weddings have a false narrative of not being as important or as grand as any other wedding. This is totally the opposite from the truth! By choosing to elope or having your wedding more DIY perhaps, you bring the attention to what is most important in your lives – people and relationships. Typically, backyard weddings and elopements are smaller scale to accommodate the size of the backyard. Couples generally keep the decor to a minimum, because they would rather spend money and attention to what they truly value and not worry about putting on a show for other people. I have photographed a backyard wedding where they served Chipotle for lunch! There is no right or wrong, and making the day intentional and about you is what the wedding day is all about.

If you are considering eloping and having a smaller backyard wedding, check out these Reasons to Elope to give you some insight into potentially choosing this for your celebration. 

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