Metson Lake Golden Gate Park Engagement Shoot

Nikki and Cory held their Metson Lake Golden Gate Park engagement shoot to help commemorate the same place Cory proposed to Nikki. Admittedly, I was surprised when they chose Metson Lake for their engagement shoot because it isn’t a very well known lake in Golden Gate Park, let alone a popular setting for an engagement session. 

Growing up literally across the street from Golden Gate Park, I grew up an “outdoors” type of guy so I always love it when Clients choose it for an engagement shoot. I learned how to shoot by going to the park almost every day in high school, shooting the animals of the park as well as the landscapes…so needless to say I am pretty familiar with most of the scenic spots of Golden Gate Park, as well as the more uncommon locations.

But perhaps the quiet solitude of this hidden lake is the exact reason Cory chose to propose to Nikki here on a picnic date.

It’s always great to have an engagement shoot at a place that is meaningful, as opposed to choosing someplace that is simply more scenic. It brings out the fond memories and characters of the people…and in this case, it is the goofy and playful mood these two have naturally…but brought out tenfold when together.

Their smiles and foolish attitudes were on full display today, so it was super easy to capture the raw candid emotions these two have when together. Some couples say they’re always silly together, but when a camera is present they become more reserved… Glad to see these two didn’t hold back 🙂

Thank you for allowing me to capture your beautiful relationship with this Metson Lake Golden Gate Park engagement shoot!

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