Elope in Nashville : Where and How to Elope (2024)

The Ultimate “How to” Guide to Elope in Nashville
(complete with pricing and locations)

Eloping is becoming more and more popular, so I wrote this guide on how to elope in Nashville to give you ideas! At the end of the day, a marriage does not need a big ceremony and a huge guest list. It is all about you, your partner, and the love you share. 

Read below for the ultimate guide on how to elope in Nashville, complete with locations and legal information, to help you in your planning.

How to Elope in Nashville – Legal Stuff

To put it simply, eloping is getting married without all of the bells and whistles. There is no big guest list, huge ceremony, or any of the other traditions we associate with weddings. You simply find someone to legally marry you to your partner and get on with it! Despite the lack of traditions, eloping is still incredibly romantic and can be a great start to your life together.

There are different laws depending on which state you are in, but in each one you will need to obtain a marriage license that allows you to be legally married. After your wedding, you will sign your wedding certificate and send it to the local courthouse in order to receive your official marriage license.

Don’t forget that some state marriage laws require at least one witness to the wedding. In the case of Nashville, Tennessee, you just need to have your officiant – the person who will officially marry you and your partner. 

Hopefully, this information has made it easier to imagine eloping! If you choose to elope in Nashville, there are many options for quality places to get married. After all, eloping does not mean sacrificing the beauty of a traditional wedding.

Places to Elope in Nashville

Cheekwood Estate & Gardens

This venue is an absolutely beautiful and historic mansion with over 55 acres of land! You are responsible for booking your time and date, as well as making sure that your ceremony lasts less than an hour. There is a rental fee, and no pets or alcohol are permitted on-site. Still, this gorgeous place is the perfect location for a romantic elopement!

Drakewood Farm

This property is close to downtown Nashville but still feels like a rural country getaway! You can bring up to 40 guests for either a ceremony or reception, making it a great destination for people who want to ditch the big wedding traditions but not the big wedding parties! Drakewood Farm offers different packages and choices for eloping couples, so you can customize and make your special day perfect.

Iris Garden at the Ellington Agricultural Center

This is the perfect spot for anybody who wants a magical location to elope in Nashville that will allow a breathtaking ceremony! You can bring up to 20 guests to watch your garden-based ceremony surrounded by beautiful flowers; the Ellington Agricultural Center requires a $100 donation fee to book your spot. This is definitely the location for a wonderful outdoor elopement that you won’t soon forget.

St. Augustine’s Chapel

For those who still want to get married in a more traditional setting, consider the beautiful St. Augustine’s Chapel located near the Vanderbilt campus. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the church does not schedule weddings outside of the season of Lent or when Vanderbilt is having large campus events. As long as you keep those dates in mind, you can have a beautiful elopement within St. Augustine’ s Chapel in no time at all!

Fall Creek Falls State Park

If you are a nature-loving couple wanting to start your life together in the great outdoors, there is not a better location than Fall Creek Falls State Park! Located just outside Nashville, there is a specialty venue called The Lodge with 5,000 square feet available for your ceremony. If you just really want to be out in nature, you can even find a wonderful location within the park to be married by your officiant.

Riverwood Mansion 

Riverwood Mansion is an absolutely stunning location that will take your Nashville elopement to the next level! This beautiful home offers many packages and perks for an intimate ceremony, including an on-site officiant to perform the ceremony and even a small wedding cake. You can choose from options including a simple one-hour ceremony to a ceremony and two-hour reception.

Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

This 1,000 acre property was owned by President Andrew Jackson, making it a historic site filled with beautiful gardens, a well-preserved church, and acres and acres of grounds to wander. Your elopement can take place in either the gardens, church, or general grounds. The Hermitage offers a special elopement package for happy couples ready to elope in Nashville in a historic location.

Saidee Gallery at Noelle

The Noelle Hotel in Nashville is an incredibly beautiful building with so much to offer! The crowning jewel  is the Saidee Gallery, a breathtaking ballroom with gorgeous architecture and plenty of room for an elopement. This ballroom has a capacity of 140, so it can certainly be an ideal reception or ceremony location for an elopement of any size. If you want to elope in Nashville, this is a perfect place.

Centennial Park

This lovely park is filled with ideal venues for an intimate and romantic elopement. From the Herb Garden Courtyard to the Sunken Gardens, you can rent a variety of spaces to ensure a private ceremony. Since the park is public, any fee from renting out the space will be significantly lower than other places on this list. Enjoy a beautiful outdoor ceremony with your closest friends and family!

CJ’s Off the Square

The final item on our list is CJ’s Off the Square, a private wedding venue just outside of Nashville that has just about everything a venue can offer. With a variety of indoor and outdoor locations, this place is absolutely gorgeous and would be the perfect place to begin your life as a couple.

How to Get to Nashville

There are three airports around Nashville : Nashville Airport (BNA), Huntsville (HSV), and Chattanooga (CHA).

Nashville Airport is the closest at 6.9 miles away, with Hunstville 105.5 miles away, and Chattanooga 119.1 miles away. 212 miles away is another major city in Tennessee, Memphis, if you wanted to do a fun BBQ road trip throughout the state.

Best Times to Elope in Sedona

Although Nashville is great to visit throughout the year, the seasons of spring and fall are exceptionally beautiful and generally favored. See the average temperatures below to fit what temperatures best suit you.


Eloping in Nashville is a great adventure with fun-filled sites, an amazing music scene (not just country music), and beautiful views throughout. I hope this article addressed some major concerns like where to elope in Nashville and how to elope in Nashville Tennessee. I read somewhere Nashville is the most visited city for a bachelor / bachelorette party and once you arrive I’m sure you will know why!

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