Elope in Colorado : Ultimate Planning Guide (updated 2022)

The Ultimate “How to” Wedding Planning Guide to Elope in Colorado
(complete with pricing, paperwork, and locations)

With luxurious mountain ranches, stunning panoramic views, and scenic trails for hiking, Colorado is considered one of the most perfect destinations for couples who want to elope. There are various reasons why people choose to elope in Colorado out of all the places around the globe.

Wondering why? This state is ideal for lovebirds who dream of having a rocky and adventurous elopement. There are no guidelines or rules that you need to follow while deciding to elope in Colorado. 

This article will help you understand why Colorado is the perfect place to elope for couples with an adventurous soul and free spirit. Read below this ultimate guide on how and where you can elope in Colorado!

Why Elope in Colorado?

One of the main reasons why people elope in Colorado is because they don’t have to follow any strict guidelines. The best part about having no rules is that you have the power to marry yourself legally. With a stunning view, an adventurous mindset, and no rules to follow, who wouldn’t want to elope in Colorado?

Besides, it offers a wide variety of things to explore with breathtaking scenic views, amazing hiking trails, open wedding venues, and wild trails to explore. 

How to Elope in Colorado – Legal Stuff

Elopement preparation is essential since there are a myriad of factors to be considered while eloping in Colorado. 

Having it all organized ensures that everything goes smoothly, especially when your guests arrive! Most importantly, have tabs on wedding-specific information. In addition, Weather, route closures, rock falls, blizzards, and other factors can all disrupt your elopement plans, so carefully get to know about these in advance! 

Below are some tips to help you streamline this hectic planning and implementation phase! 

What does an elopement ceremony in Colorado look like?

Eloping in Colorado is an all-day elopement if you want to make the most out of it. Elopements may be so much more than simply a few vows and a few minutes of fast photography. 

So start by getting dressed into your wedding attire. Pick a spectacular place to say your vows. It could be on the peak of a mountain or inside an ancient church or maybe in the middle of a wildlife century! 

Once you have tied the knot, you have an option to go on an incredible trip hiking in a jeep or on a snowmobile or ski slope! Finish the day with a supper prepared by your favorite chef. Most importantly, live in those moments to make your elopement in Colorado one to remember and relish.

Marriage license in Colorado

To legalize your marriage in Colorado, an officiant’s signature is not compulsory to pronounce you and your partner legally married. You can just sign your own marriage license!

 A judge, magistrate, pastor, or even one of the parties to the marriage can solemnize the marriage in Colorado. However,  there is one catch, and this is you would need permission from a friend or family member, and they should be a witness to your union!

Best Places to Elope in Colorado

Lionscrest Manor

Fee: $8k – $12k (100 guests)
Capacity: 250

Lionscrest Manor is considered to be one of the best Colorado picturesque wedding venues. The mesmerizing view of this scenic Colorado destination will charm all your guests’ hearts! This perfect destination provides a private and luxurious venue with an astounding view of the mountains. The 50-acre estate located in the foothills of the Lyons has got mountains as its backdrop that augments its beauty by hundred folds.

Evergreen Lake House

Fee: $3K – $5k (100 guests)
Capacity: 200

This beautiful destination is the perfect mountain getaway for your elopement. Its surreal log cabin can charm your guests with its tranquil beauty. You can give your vows right on the deck that is surrounded by the foothills and the wooded park and soak in the captivating view of this lake house!  This is undoubtedly one of the best Colorado picturesque wedding venues you can choose!

Windsong Estate

Fee: $4K – $6K (100 guests)
Capacity: 300

If you are looking to elope in an indoor venue, then the Windsong Estate is just the destination venue that you were looking for. This place provides you with one of the best views there is to see in North Colorado. The magical views of the rocky mountains with a private venue make this place one of the best Colorado indoor wedding venues.

The Stanley Hotel

Fee: $16K – $23K (100 guests)
Capacity: 250

From an intimate elopement to grand ballrooms, The Stanley Hotel has got about nine different options for various types of wedding venues to choose from! It offers you a chance to witness the gorgeous views of the Rocky Mountain National Park and revel in its natural beauty, which is why it stands as one of the best Colorado Outdoor Wedding Venues. 

Telluride Ski Resort

Fee: $5,000
Capacity: 250

What can be more adventurous and beautiful than saying ‘I do’ on top of a 10,000 feet high mountain? The Telluride Ski Resort is unquestionably one of the best and most unique  Colorado Scenic Wedding Venues that you can pick. It provides a variety of wedding options for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies. The best part about this resort is the panoramic views of the mountains that will leave your guests awe-struck!

Garden of the Gods Resort and Club

Fee: $20K – $33K (100 guests)
Capacity: 200

Garden of the Gods is a spellbounding place that can fuel your desire to get married soon! This could probably even be your dream destination that you have always wished for! Wondering what makes this destination so tangible? 

Situated near Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods is one of the most stunning and unique landscapes to visit in Colorado. It consists of huge pieces of red rocks that bulge straight up from the ground. Garden of the Gods is considered to be one of the most famous landscapes, where people from all across the globe come especially to visit this place. So what better destination than this resort?

Piney River Ranch

Fee: $23,000 – $33,000 (100 Guests)
Capacity: 220

Surrounded by mountains with a view of the stunning lake, the Piney River Ranch is one of the dreamy wedding venues in Colorado. It offers a huge space for you to have your cultural celebrations the way you always dreamed of! You, your partner, and your guests are bound to have the time of your lives at this breathtaking venue.

The Greenbriar Inn

Fee: $12,000 – $17,000 (100 Guests)
Capacity: 300

If you’re looking for a vintage touch-up to your perfect wedding, then the Greenbriar Inn provides everything you’ve been looking for. Consisting of Italian hand-painted chandeliers, french doors, a fireplace in the dining room, and a majestic view of the mountains, the Greenbriar Inn is one of the best Colorado Indoor Wedding Venues. 

The Venue at Crooked Willow Farms

Fee: $6,000 – $9,000 (100 Guests)
Capacity: 225

The Venue at Crooked Willow Farms has a perfect mix of mountain aesthetics with a countryside charm. The perfectly manicured lawns and a carriage ballroom house make it an ideal Colorado indoor and outdoor wedding venue.

Gorrono Ranch

Fee: starting $39,941 (50 guests)
Capacity: 250 guests

Gorrono Ranch is one of the best lodges nestled in the mountainous terrains, and it is a true reflection of pristine scenic beauty. This historic ranch is known for its hiking trails and island vibes. Add a dash of music, and the vibrant vibes of this ranch will become unparalleled! This place is usually open for parties and weddings in the summers and private events in the winters.

Cielo at Castle Pines

Fee: Starting $ 6,900 (50 guests)
Capacity: 500 guests

Cielo at Castle Pines is a luxurious wedding venue, highlighting its fusion of elegance, picturesque backgrounds, and the exceptional facilities and hospitality provided to the guests and the couple themselves. Located near the historic Castle rock, it offers a peaceful and surreal environment. 

Thompson, Denver

Fee: Starting $4,725 (50 guests)
Capacity: 150 guests

The hotel’s chill, residential-inspired event areas include deep-hued floor coverings, soft lounge furniture, and romantic lighting centered around the hotel’s towering, two-story fireplace. Famous celebrity chef Ludo Lefebvre, whose delightful French-inspired dishes can also be enjoyed in the in-house restaurant, Chez Maggy, will be responsible for creating your personalized wedding menu. This venue, with its architectural beauty, radiates royal vibes and definitely takes your elopement to the next level!

The Little Nell

Fee: $ 75,000
Capacity: 500 guests

The Little Nell offers your guest a chance to witness the beauty of the Maroon Bells and the Rocky Mountains. Planning your wedding here would mean walking on the dedicated wedding deck and taking a ride up to the Aspen Mountains on the Silver Queen Gondola! You can tie the knots as high as 11,212 feet from sea level in this jaw-dropping scenic elopement venue! The opulent setting of this five-star resort tailored to your needs makes it a plausible wedding venue for you! 

Delicacies of Colorado

Food is another way to make your guests happy and another reason to elope to Colorado. Colorado’s cuisine is as diverse as its region, ranging from deep-fried to fresh and organic delicacies. 

With some seasonality in goods, you may find the following luscious dishes anywhere from restaurants to farmers’ markets! You can add these delicacies to your wedding menu and savor the flavors after taking the vows and charm your guests too! So go on! 

  1. Lamb

Colorado is the fourth-largest producer of sheep and lamb in the United States, and it is duly noted for its milder flavor. You may travel the world and yet not find a lamb meal as flavorful as the one served in Colorado. They have a rich flavor and outstanding texture that you will cherish forever!

  2. Trout

When it comes to the cuisine of Colorado, trout is one of the most popular fish. Many eateries in the neighborhood serve trout because of their high nutritional value. Nearby states, such as Idaho, frequently export their trout to Colorado, so if you truly want local trout, inquire, or better yet, go fishing!

  3. Olathe sweet corn

Olathe corn is a perfect combination of sweetness, flavor, and little tanginess. It is an ingredient that can be served as a soup, or you can simply season boiled corn in butter and salt and savor them! 

This ingredient, when prepared by experienced chefs, can do wonders. In fact, Olathe Sweet Corn Festival is held every first Saturday in August, and people from around the globe attend this event.

  4. Denver Steak

It is unlike any other steak meal since it is much softer than typical cuts. The steak has a considerable amount of marbling, which gives it a richer flavor.

Proper steak slicing and trimming is an art that adds to the appeal of the Colorado Denver Steak. The best thing about it is that the meal is grilled to give it its unique flavor!

How to Get to Colorado

There are three main airports throughout Colorado : Denver International Airport (DEN), Colorado Springs Airport (COS), and Aspen Airport (ASE) that navigate you throughout the state.

Denver is the largest and only international airport in Colorado, and is 91 miles away from another popular destination – Vail, CO.  

Best Times to Elope in Colorado

The best time to visit Colorado is June to October when temperatures are the warmest. To avoid the large crowds, you may want to consider April and May and then October – December as well. In June, snow melts in the mountains, so if you are considering hiking this is a good time to look around Rocky Mountain National Park or
Winter months are pretty cold throughout the entire state (see photo charts below) with temperatures averaging 20 degree Fahrenheit 


Eloping in Colorado is one of the top places in the country for outdoor enthusiasts. From summer’s wildflowers to winter’s snowy back bowls, each season brings its own set of thrills in this western state. 

The warm season, which spans from June through October, is the greatest time to elope in Colorado! The warmth of the sun causes the snow to melt, presenting you the opportunity to go on adventurous treks to the Rocky Mountain National Park and Mount Elbert, as well as drive through some of the United States’ highest peaks. After all, who said that an elopement wedding in Colorado could not be fun? So, have a wedding in style and elegance at this beautiful destination!

If you would like to discuss your elopement in Colorado or beyond please CONTACT ME to chat!


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