Elope in Sedona : Where and How to Elope (2022)

The Ultimate “How to” Guide to Elope in Sedona
(complete with pricing and locations)

Combining minimal guests, intimate celebrations, and stunning red rock views, there are many reasons why people are choosing to elope in Sedona out of all other places in the world. Being one of the most photographed places in Arizona, an elopement in Sedona is the perfect outdoor setting for your wedding. Read below for the best guide to elope in Sedona to help make your elopement planning easy!

Why Elope in Sedona AZ?

Many decide to elope in Sedona Arizona because of its stunning natural beauty, imposing red rocks, and clear blue skies stretching for miles! This place can be the one for you too! With several interesting places to explore, Sedona also offers a lot of adventures, including 4×4 cars to go offroad. Want to experience an adventure in the same location you have your wedding? Then, start your plans to elope in Sedona and experience this magical place and start your newlywed life on an adventure!

How to Elope in Sedona – Legal Stuff

You will be happy to know that most ceremony locations in Sedona do not ask for a permit or a registration fee when the number of guests is below 25, assuming you have don’t have any props such as chairs, arches, etc. 

A Sedona elopement is truly a wonder because there are several breathtaking places to elope in Sedona. But before jumping to that, you should be aware of the legalities of getting married in the state of Arizona.

  1. To obtain an official marriage license ($83) in Arizona, you need to file at an Arizona courthouse (no AZ residency needed)
  2. The closest courthouse to Sedona is Yavapai County Court, located in Camp Verde 
  3. The license is issued about 20 minutes after you file in the courthouse
  4. After the ceremony, you need to have two witnesses (18+) to sign and legalize your marriage
  5. If you are going to have an elopement with zero guests, that’s no problem! Your witnesses could even be the photographers (ahem!) or makeup artists! Worst case, you could request a couple of hikers to help you out.

Places to Elope in Sedona

Sedona is an extraordinary spot for elopement weddings, especially for adventure seekers. If you are intent on having your wedding in Sedona, then keep an eye out for these places to elope in Sedona and choose the one that catches your eye!

1. Cathedral Rock

This is the most popular place to elope in Sedona AZ, as it is a short easy 1.2 mile hike and offers stunning views of the valley at the top.

If you are choosing this trail for your Sedona elopement, I suggest going on a weekday to avoid the crowds and have more privacy for your elopement ceremony. In the morning, especially in hotter months, many hikers start their hikes before sunrise to avoid the harsh midday sun, so it is something to consider as well. Dusk is another popular time to elope, and you can stay out and watch the stars in the sky afterwards.

cathedral rock sedona

2. Doe Mountain

Doe Mountain is a moderate 1.5 mile roundtrip hike with decent uphill climbs and is often overlooked as a place to elope in Sedona. This trail is unique in that it is dog friendly as well (leashed). Once you arrive at the top, it is flat and rewards you with stunning views. I suggest hiking attire going up this trail and then changing at the top.

Note that the parking spots ($5) here are limited, and the view is best at sunrise. 

3. Baby Bell

The area around the Courthouse Butte and Baby Bell has some popular trails (such as Bell Rock) that are fairly crowded, so this trail is one of the better spots for elopements, since it is only a mile roundtrip and is considered an easy hike. Once at the top, it offers 360 degree views that aren’t as high as the more popular and nearby Bell Rock, but are stunning regardless.


4. Merry Go Round Rock

Reaching the Merry Go Round Rock (also known as Carousel Rock) will be a bit of a tedious task if you aren’t equipped with the right gear and equipment. If you are taking a high-performing, high clearance vehicle, then yes, this spot is pretty good for you! Check out the local Pink Jeeps to help you get up there.

All the effort you put in to reach the spot is quite worth it when you take a look at the view from there! Check out this video taken during the ride up to get an idea of the fun to be had to get there!

5. Tlaquepaque

Known as the heart and soul of Sedona, this village is perfect for both indoor and outdoor intimate weddings. Fashioned upon an authentic Mexican Village, this Arts and Crafts haven has everything right from refreshments to charming gardens!

As one of the incredibly enchanting places to elope in Sedona, Tlaquepaque even offers perfect outdoor weather conditions – this place could turn out to be the best romantic getaway for your wedding!

How to Get to Sedona

There are three airports around Sedona – the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, the Flagstaff Regional Airport, and the Sedona Private Airport. 

  • From Phoenix Sky Harbor, you will have to take a 2-hour car ride to reach Sedona. After the wedding, you can stay and explore the Superstition Mountains and the Salt River banks to have a glimpse of the beautiful wilderness surrounding the rocks.
  • If you are entering at the Flagstaff airport, you should check for the frequency of flights and the pricing. This airport is a 45-minute ride from Sedona, and you can find car rentals online in advance. From here, you could plan a trip to visit the other attractions, including the Grand Canyon.
  • If you wish to charter a private flight then the Sedona Private Airport is the perfect spot to have all to yourselves.

Best Times to Elope in Sedona

Although Sedona is perfect all through the year, the seasons of spring and fall are exceptionally beautiful and generally favored. Dawn and dusk are typically best for photography, but at a location like Sedona you can’t go wrong!


Eloping in Sedona is a great adventure with fun-filled hikes, gorgeous views, and fiery red sunsets that can join together to make your wedding even more epic. I hope this article addressed some major concerns like where to elope in Sedona and how to elope in Sedona Arizona. Follow the necessary precautions, always wear the appropriate gear during hiking, and make your trip even more unforgettable!

If you would like to discuss your elopement in Sedona please CONTACT ME to chat!


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