Elope in Montana : Ultimate Planning Guide (updated 2022)

The Ultimate “How to” Wedding Planning Guide to Elope in Montana
(complete with pricing, paperwork, and locations)

Lincoln called this U.S. state the last best hope of mankind. True love is hopeful and when paired with beauty and serenity, is passionate. If you want to elope in Montana and enjoy some scenic locations with jaw-dropping backdrops, this guide has just what you need! 

Why Elope in Montana?

Montana is one of the many mesmerizing locations people have on their minds while planning their wedding. This is because of the beautiful and serene environment. The vast blue skies paired with the lush greenery at scenic wedding venues in Montana, are immensely captivating and can win hearts over in seconds! 

Apart from this, everyone wants to commemorate their wedding day with gorgeous pictures that capture the beauty of the wedding venue along with the happy couple. The outdoor wedding venues Montana is known for, are guaranteed to make for some breath-taking memory logs to reminisce on.

Since these venues are amid the beauty of nature, a lot of them also offer fun outdoor activities which are perfect for some adventurous couples or wedding guests. These include tour bus rides and treks. If you choose to elope in Montana, I guarantee that it will be one of the best decisions that you have made so far!

How to Elope in Montana – Legal Stuff

Every state has different laws when it comes to getting married and it is of paramount importance that these be adhered to. So if you plan to elope in Montana, do make a note of the following:

  1. There are three ways of getting married in Montana: by ceremonial marriage, common law, or by a declaration of marriage. 
  2. You are required to be at least 16 years of age to get married. At 16 or 17 however, you are a minor and require the consent of a parent or a judge, along with pre-marriage counseling. Wait a little longer and the hassle is all driven away when you are 18. As legal adults, your partner and you will not require any consent as such.

Best Places to Elope in Montana

The wedding venues in Montana are quite serene and quiet and would be perfect for an elopement. These picturesque wedding venues hit just the right spot whether you opt for a small wedding with only a few loved ones or choose to have a big wedding party to share your special day with you. 

Listed below are the scenic venues for weddings in Montana along with their fees and capacities.

Glacier National Park

Fee: $11000 plus permit cost of $100.
Capacity: 200

 First up, we have one of the best outdoor wedding venues Montana has to offer; the Glacier National Park. This expansive venue has a lot of lovely remote areas where you can go to escape from the crowd and hassle of urban landscapes.

It has six different areas to choose from, out of which the West Glacier is the most popular for its breathtaking scenery. Other options include the Saint Mary area which you can select depending on your preference and venue availability. 

Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness

Fee: $8000
Capacity: 50

The Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness is another perfect spot couples opt for when they elope in Montana. It includes several forested areas and is spread out over 920,000 acres of gorgeous land. 

The towering Beartooth Mountains are just near Alaska and create a serene backdrop. There are many locations to choose from and it is easy to feel like you are on top of the world while you celebrate your special day here! Isn’t this just one of the perfectly picturesque wedding venues you have ever seen?

Tom Miner Basin

Fee: on demand 
Capacity: 200

If you are looking for something which signifies diversity, the Tom Miner Basin is the perfect option for you. While it can be quite risky because of the presence of many grizzly bears, if you are well-versed with bear safety, you have nothing to be concerned about. 

The Tom Miner Basin is easy to access so getting there using vehicles is not a hassle. If hiking is not something you prefer, but you still want to enjoy the scenic venues for weddings in Montana, then there is no better alternative.

Fair Lake and Sacajawea Peak

Fee: on demand 
Capacity: 200

Why choose between a hike or using a vehicle? You don’t have to if you opt for Fair Lake and Sacajawea Park to be your wedding venue! Like many scenic wedding venues in Montana, you can park your vehicle at the lower trailhead and then make the rest of the 2 and a half-mile to the venue by foot. 

Depending on the vehicle and the condition of the road, you may also be able to park near the lake itself. Out of the many picturesque wedding venues of Montana, the top of the Sacajawea peak, which is just a few miles away from Fair Lake, takes the cake!

Kootenai National Forest

Fee: starts at $2100
Capacity: 150

In the vast 2.2 million acres of land this forest covers, you will find both beautiful scenery and secluded spots to host your wedding. You will love the vibrant photographs that you will get here.  This local hotspot has not yet been discovered by many tourists which makes it a great venue if you are planning to elope in Montana.

Flathead National Forest

Fee:  $1700-$4500 for the wedding ceremony alone
Capacity: 250

This is just outside the Glacier National Park and is perfect if both you and your partner enjoy going on adventures. You go off-roading and hike right up to a mountain summit, all while enjoying the alluring sunset. Do you need a bigger reason to elope in Montana?

Best Times to Elope in Montana

The most popular time to visit Glacier National Park is June – September although it will be crowded. Wildflowers appear, and temperatures are more pleasant in the high 70s and low 80s. The best time to visit the park is between August and mid-September if you want less crowds and still have access to the more popular sites. The Going-to-the-Sun Road (GTSR) does not open until late June or early July. Going in September and October may be affected by snow closures on the GTSR. 


To conclude, the outdoor wedding venues Montana offers are simply out of this world for everyone, no matter your preference. Whether it is a chill hike or a fun-filled elopement that you’re seeking, you will find all that your heart desires and more, right here in Montana. Happy wedding!

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