Palm Event Center Wedding

Michelle and Jeremy held their wedding ceremony first at St. Bede Church in Hayward, then continued their Palm Event Center wedding in Pleasanton during the early stages of the infamous coronavirus pandemic in world history. Leading up to the wedding day, there were a lot of questions and concerns as to whether the wedding would actually take place, especially given the suggested order of staying indoors and / or complying to social distancing of at least 6 feet. With this in mind, I was a little intrigued by how the guests would react and respond during the wedding, but as soon as I entered the family home for the getting ready portion of the day, it became obvious from the very start that the spirit of the day would not be altered in any way. As you will see from the photos below the joy, love, and beautiful moments were just as evident and natural as any other day despite the world literally shutting down country by country.

Having met playing on the same recreational teams, Michelle and Jeremy’s wedding details had hints of a sports theme as the decor and day showcased their love of sports. Both athletic, they utilized their active lifestyle in one of the more fun and engaging first dances I have seen in a while, with several lifts and carries to wow and impress the crowd, including me! 🙂
Not settling for just one dance, they surprised the entire room with a flash mob immediately after, as about 16 of their friends and family joined them in the center of the room for a well choreographed dance that would rival BTS (just kidding, no one can touch BTS’s dance moves haha!)

I had so much fun documenting this wedding day because despite the unprecedented shutdowns in the world and a little bit of rain, Michelle and Jeremy celebrated their union exactly as they planned, putting forward the same energy and zest for life that their family and friends love them for. This Palm Center Wedding turned out to be one of the most memorable wedding days not because of the historic pandemic, but rather because of the many moments of joy throughout the day, the wicked dance moves, and the constant smiles on Michelle’s face, even after being faked out by Jeremy’s euro-step during the cake cutting! 😀 

Venue : Palm Event Center
Videographer : 3007 films
DJ : Spintronix Events
Florist : Arrangements by Gles
Makeup : Kitty Olitan
Hair : Art of Chantel
Cake : Cake Creations by Bev

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