Cavallo Point Engagement Session

Irene and Rick held their Cavallo Point engagement session in Sausalito, choosing this location because they thought it would have a nice view of the Golden Gate Bridge and be a little more sunny on the northern side of the Bridge. Living in San Rafael, they obviously knew this side of the Bridge more than me and I was excited to shoot at this location again! The only other time I had photographed around this area (though not the same exact area) was for Arturo and Keren’s marriage proposal a few years ago! In their research for locations online, they came across some photos and thought it would be a nice location for their sunset shoot. Having a small and casual wedding in September, they initially thought an engagement shoot wouldn’t be necessary, but they realized it would be nice to have as a nice warmup to their wedding day!

Coming from San Francisco, I expected it to be sunny and ten degrees warmer in Sausalito (as it normally is!). To my surprise, by the time our session started, a majority of the sky was covered by the clouds just as they were in the City. Fortunately, the only real important area that I needed sun was still there with the Golden Gate Bridge. Situated in the rear of the Golden Gate Yacht Club, this area had a lookout overlooking the entire San Francisco Bay that we started our session. From this vantage point, it provided an awesome panoramic view stretching from the Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz Island and more! While I have seen very similar views in the North Bay, coming to this new vantage point allowed me to photograph new images and I welcomed the fun challenge. One of my favorite images of the Golden Gate Bridge utilized my very own reflection idea that I admittedly have been working on for a few months. I like to think it is an original idea and I am so proud of how the reflection turned out! It is an uncommon view and not so obvious a reflection like a mirror – can you tell it isn’t a mirror? 🙂

Irene and Rick were great to work with as they were patient models during this Cavallo Point engagement session as I always hope to capture a variety of images and aim to give unique images. It was so great hanging out with these two this evening and to learn about this new area that offered a different view of the Golden Gate Bridge. I look forward to revisiting this area for another Cavallo Point engagement session in the future!

Golden Gate Bridge
ggb sunset
rocks smile
rocks stand
clouds cavallo point
auberge du soleil wedding flowers hanging as two grooms hold hands in front of their wedding guests

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