Fort Mason Engagement Shoot

Jordan and Jenny wanted to have a personal take on their Fort Mason engagement shoot, as Jordan brought his guitar as a prop to also signify a connection to their relationship. The did end up making quick stops at Potrero Hill and Market Street for the Cable Cars, but they knew they wanted to spend the most time at the Great Meadow Park at Fort Mason since they spent a lot of dating time there as well. When Jordan was courting Jenny, they would spend time jamming together and spending many nights centered around their love for music. Always smiling, the two were equally as comfortable playing the guitar together in front of the camera as they were at their homes like they did many times before. They chose to start off at Fort Mason for its personal connection to them and the City, then proceeded to look for a cable car to hop on around Ghirardelli Square for some cute photos to represent their love for San Francisco. 

I love it when Couples incorporate props and personalize their photo shoots, instead of solely choosing a location because of its scenery. Admittedly, Fort Mason is not a popular location for an engagement shoot, (see the most popular locations here) but their personal attachment to it helped make this shoot more special. Regardless of the setting, the personalization of the prop ideas helps brings more focus to the couples and their love for each other. Ultimately, I try to highlight the relationship of my couples, regardless of where they are because at the end of the day, that is all that matters. Congratulations Jordan and Jenny and thank you letting me capture your beautiful and unique relationship at your Fort Mason engagement shoot. 

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