How to Plan an Atlanta Botanical Garden Wedding

The Ultimate Guide for Planning an Atlanta Botanical Garden Wedding (complete with pricing, capacity, and photos)

Planning your wedding can be an overwhelming experience, with a million little details to hammer out. One of the most important things you’ll need to decide early on is the location. You’ll want a place that is beautiful, full of photo opportunities, and hopefully affordable! In short, you’ll want the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

An Atlanta Botanical Garden wedding is the perfect way to celebrate your nuptials. Keep reading to find out everything you ever wanted to know about planning a truly breathtaking wedding at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. 

Why You Should Have an Atlanta Botanical Garden Wedding

You might be asking yourself: why would I have my wedding at a botanical garden? The short answer is that the Atlanta Botanical Garden is absolutely beautiful! It is filled to the brim with gorgeous flowers and plants, all set against an elegant backdrop and expertly tended area. You really can’t find a better location.

They also offer a variety of locations to choose from, with eight outdoor wedding areas and eight indoor ones. This gives you the best combination of a beautiful natural setting with a welcome retreat in the event of bad weather.

This venus is also very forthcoming with their rental information, making them easy to communicate with and easy to research. Now, let’s review the most important details for planning your wedding.

Atlanta Botanical Garden Wedding Cost

Elopement fees: $650- $1200
Wedding fees: $850- $7,000

The Atlanta Botanical Garden offers pricing information based on their locations and the overall capacity. The more people you want, the more expensive your wedding will be. This leaves quite a bit of wiggle room! For example, a 10 person standing room only ceremony in the Japanese Garden will cost $650, while a seated dinner with 250 guests and a capacity for 500 standing will cost nearly $7,000.

You can choose your ideal location based on the cost, capacity, and the overall style. The rental fee also includes complimentary tables and chairs, audio-visual equipment, and wireless internet. Your rental guarantees you and your guests exclusive access to the space, so you don’t need to worry about privacy.

The exact time frame of your rental can be discussed with the garden staff. If you want to add additional hours to your rental package, you can do so starting at $400/hour. 

Best Time of Year for an Atlanta Botanical Garden Wedding

Like most botanical gardens, the Atlanta Botanical Garden has both an “on-season” and an “off-season”. Weddings during the on-season will have the standard pricing, as they can provide the most beautiful sightings of the fully blooming trees and flowers. Weddings during the off-season can have potentially lower rates.

With some exceptions, on-season for the Atlanta Botanical Garden will be roughly from April to September. This season covers the spring and summer months, when all of the flowers will be blooming. The off-season goes roughly from October to March. Although there are still plenty of beautiful sights in the fall and winter months, there won’t be as much to see as the rest of the year. 

Food and Drinks for your Atlanta Botanic Garden Wedding

Let’s just say that the Atlanta Botanical Garden has planned ahead for all food and drink concerns. You can choose to have your wedding catered by one of their six approved catering companies. This is done to increase the efficiency of the process and ensure as few unfamiliar vehicles and staff as possible. 

When it comes to your bar, you have four options: hourly, consumption, a cash bar, or general hospitality. Hospitality just involves bottled water and Coca-Cola products, with you paying $3 per Coke product consumed. A cash bar means that your guests will pay for their drinks themselves, should they want them.

The consumption option means that you will be charged for each drink that your guests order, from premium mixed drinks to bottled water. Finally, the hourly beverage service charges you an hourly fee per guest. For example, a standard bar set up for two hours will cost $41 per person. This gives you the range to decide what you want to offer.

No outside food or drinks are allowed on the premises. Otherwise, you can enjoy a fully catered wedding with delicious food and drink options!

In addition, as outlined above in the individual venue settings, some locations do not allow early daytime celebrations or are only restricted to weekends. And finally, you are limited to using their own catering for your reception, although I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Check out their menu to get an idea of what they offer.

Atlanta Botanic Garden Wedding Restrictions

When planning your perfect ceremony and reception, you also need to plan for some restrictions. In the case of the Atlanta Botanical Garden, there are just a few. As mentioned above, you can only choose from their approved list of caterers. This also includes tent companies and valet services.

There is also a 15% production fee charged on all room rentals. This helps to cover things like credit card fees and hiring extra staff to prepare the venue. If you have any questions about specific restrictions or packages, contact the venue to learn more.

Pictures, Parking, an More

You and your guests (including a hired photographer) are free to take pictures as you wish during your event. If you want to schedule a personal photoshoot, you can pay $500 for a two hour session with up to 10 people. The Garden also reserves the right to contact your photographer to potentially use photos for promotional material or advertising.

As far as parking, it is available on-site with a maximum daily fee of $15. You won’t have to worry about your guests trekking to the location! The Atlanta Botanical Garden also provides you with an event coordinator and staff to assist with the essential needs during your wedding day.


The Atlanta Botanical Garden offers a beautiful and unique venue that everyone can appreciate! With experienced staff, clear pricing, and your pick of a truly breathtaking location, you’ll craft a wedding that is definitely a night to remember. What are you waiting for? Start planning the ultimate Atlanta Botanical Garden wedding today!  

If you would like to discuss your wedding day, please CONTACT ME to chat details!


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