How to Plan a Roger Williams Botanical Garden Wedding

The Ultimate Guide for Planning a Roger Williams Botanical Garden Wedding (complete with pricing, capacity, and photos)

Everybody wants their wedding to be magical. A gorgeous backdrop, picturesque setting, and ideal location are all the best tools you have to create a wedding that everyone will remember. The Roger Williams Botanical Garden has all of these and more! That is why it is a premiere wedding destination for those in and out of Providence, Rhode Island.

Botanical gardens are excellent places for a wedding, and a Roger Williams Botanical Garden wedding is sure to impress. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about crafting your perfect day!

Why You Should Have a Roger Williams Botanical Garden Wedding

If you want a wedding that combines the beauty of nature with the security of an indoor location, then Roger Williams is perfect for you! This venue offers beautiful spaces for an outdoor ceremony, with an easy transition to an indoor reception. 

Talk about great photo opportunities! The Botanical Center offers breathtaking views, with a greenhouse with glass walls, exotic and beautiful plants, and expertly tended lawns. Your wedding ceremony will look stunning! The indoor venues are all equally beautiful, with tasteful decorations and grand architecture that will make you feel like royalty.

Aside from the wonderful setting, the Roger Williams Botanical Garden also offers a professional staff with many years of experience hosting weddings. You will never be left to handle everything yourself. There is clear pricing, a great deal on rental times, and plenty of staff to help out before and after your big day.

If you still aren’t convinced, let’s go over the essentials for creating a truly elegant Roger Williams Botanical Garden wedding!

Roger Williams Botanical Garden Wedding Pricing

Botanical Conservatory + Greenhouse Rental Rates: $2,600 to $3,700
Outside Event/Tent Space Rental Rates: $2,500 to $4,500

Renting out either the Botanical Center or the Outdoor Event Space is done on a five-hour basis. Caterers will also get two hours to set-up for the event and one hour to break everything down at the end. You can also buy another hour of time for $550. All ceremonies and receptions will begin sometime after 5:00pm, since the Botanical Center is open to the public until 4:00pm.

The price will vary based on several factors: whether or not you are a resident of Providence, if you have your wedding on a weekday or weekend, and if you want your wedding to be on a holiday. This is true for both the Botanical Center and the Outdoor Event Space. If you want to combine the two and have a ceremony or cocktail hour, you can do so for a higher price. 

The general capacity can fit up to 170 people in the Botanical Center, making this a great venue for medium to large wedding parties. 

A Great Ceremony and Reception Venue

This venue is an excellent wedding destination for a variety of reasons. You will be assisted by a wedding day coordinator who ensures everything is running smoothly, as well as additional wedding planning services. 

The Roger Williams Botanical Garden is perfectly suited for a dual wedding and reception, with the standard five-hour rental time ideal for a ceremony and reception. Many couples opt for an outdoor ceremony with an indoor reception, and you will find that to be a perfect blend of appreciating nature while still retaining the protection of an indoor location.

A security deposit of $500 is required to hold your spot, but it is refundable. With your rental, you can have a wonderful ceremony and reception at the Roger Williams Botanical Garden!

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Best Time of Year for a Roger Williams Botanical Garden Wedding

Since the Roger Williams Botanical Garden offers both indoor and outdoor settings, you can book your wedding for any time of year! However, the spring and summer months are the most popular, as the flowers and plants all over the gardens will be in bloom. Keep in mind that the grounds can be fairly hot and humid in the summer!

As far as the specific date, the pricing for a rental will be less expensive on a weekday, MOnday through Thursday. Having a wedding on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday will be pricier, and any wedding taking place on a holiday will be the most expensive.

Roger Williams Botanic Garden Wedding Restrictions

While this is doubtlessly an amazing place to hold a wedding, you should still be aware of some restrictions. The first restriction is that tables and chairs are not included in your overall rental fee, so there will still be an additional cost. 

Another restriction is that the venue must give the go-ahead for all decorations, so make sure to stay in contact with your wedding planner to get approval if you want to bring in your own! Music for the reception must end at midnight, and the venue requests that you do not throw confetti, rice, or a similar object during the ceremony to protect the grounds.

Photographs, Food, and More

This venue offers an on-site photographer for the Botanical Center for an additional $300. You can also schedule a one hour engagement photography session for $150. As far as food, you can bring in any approved outside caterers of your choosing!

Your caterer can use the on-site kitchen for prep and assembly only, but as long as they are approved by the staff there should not be an issue. You can also bring in your own approved photographer to document the entire ceremony and reception if you wish. 


At the Roger Williams Botanical Garden, you won’t have to worry about hosting a wedding to remember – it will practically be guaranteed! The professional staff and gorgeous venue will ensure that all you have to do is focus on tying the knot with the love of your life. 

Start planning your perfect Roger Williams Botanical Garden wedding today!

If you would like to discuss your wedding day, please CONTACT ME to chat details!


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