How to Plan a NYC Botanical Garden Wedding

The Ultimate Guide for Planning a NYC Botanical Garden Wedding (complete with pricing, capacity, and photos)

Getting married is an incredibly exciting moment in anybody’s life. You want the perfect location to memorialize your love story, so there can be quite a bit of pressure. Anyone looking for a breathtaking wedding ceremony and reception should look no further than the New York City Botanical Garden!

Choosing a Botanical Garden Wedding NYC is an excellent venue for a variety of reasons. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about throwing the perfect NYC Botanical Garden wedding.


– NYC Botanical Garden perfect for a gorgeous, professional wedding day!
– Facility fees: $2,500 – $4,500         per-person estimate: $190 – $225
– Weddings in the NYC Botanical Garden have availability of three locations: the Garden Terrace Room, Stone Mill, and Hudson Garden Mill
– NYC Botanical Gardens can host 70 – 300 guests, depending on the venue
– Will be assisted by Constellation Culinary Group (Starr Catering Group)
– Spring and summer are the best times for traditional botanical sights, but winter and fall provide seasonal attractions.


Why You Should Have a NYC Botanical Garden Wedding

Weddings at botanical gardens are nothing new – in fact, they have a long history! Botanical gardens provide the perfect blend of the beauty of nature and the security of an indoor location. Just imagine reciting your vows against a gorgeous backdrop of stunning flowers and rolling hills! That is what you’ll get at the New York Botanical Garden.

Located in the Bronx, the NYGB (as it is affectionately nicknamed) is considered a National Historic Landmark. It is also the largest garden in the United States, with over 250 acres to roam! This means you can truly have a wedding that will go down in history.

The New York Botanical Garden is also well-versed in hosting private events, meaning that you are guaranteed a wedding handled by professional staff and with clear guidelines. So, if you want an absolutely gorgeous wedding in a well-known location, you really can’t do better than a NYC Botanical Garden wedding!

NYC Botanical Garden Wedding Cost 

Facility fees: $2,500 – $4,500
Per-person estimates: $190 – $225

While not much pricing information is available specifically on their website, general estimates for the cost of a New York Botanical Garden wedding can be found online. These costs will vary based on the amount of guests you want, the date that you choose, and which facility you choose as your venue. You can always reach out and inquire directly, especially for cases such as elopement.

You will have your pick of three stunning locations: the Garden Terrace Room, Stone Mill, and Hudson Garden Grill. Each has a different aesthetic and capacity, but all are breathtaking! Weddings will also be assisted by Constellation Culinary Group, once known as Starr Catering Group. 

With a good basis of knowledge for price, let’s get into the finer points!

Best Time of Year for a Botanical Garden Wedding NYC

The New York Botanical Garden makes it clear that any time of year is a good time for a wedding! Spring and summer will be the best times for the traditional botanical garden sights, including the NYBG’s special rose garden. However, fall and winter also have their merits!

As such a large area, the New York Botanical Garden has a wide array of plants that mean there is always something to see. The beautiful foliage as the leaves change color make autumn a great time to get married, and in the winter there will be full pine trees and berried holly.

So, the best time of year to get married really depends on your specific vision! Since there is no set “on-season” or “off-season”, you will need to reach out to inquire about pricing for different seasons. Whatever you pick, you’ll have a lovely backdrop!

NYC Botanical Garden Wedding Venues

Capacity: 70 – 300 guests, depending on the venue

As mentioned above, having a NYC Botanical Garden wedding allows you 3 venues to choose from. Each one has its own perks, so it is important to plan what you want ahead of time. First, I’ll talk about the largest space.

The Garden Terrace Room consists of a main ballroom with elegant decorations and a great view of the gardens. There will also be a tent outside for outdoor activities, such as a cocktail hour or your ceremony. This venue can welcome anywhere from 120 to 300 guests.

Next, we have the Stone Mill, a charmingly rustic location deep in the gardens that overlooks the Bronx River. This is a great spot for more intimate ceremonies, capable of hosting no more than 90 guests. It would be perfect for a smaller wedding fully enveloped by the beauty of nature.

Finally, we have the Hudson Garden Grill. This venue doubles as a farm-to-table restaurant right in the middle of the Ross Conifer Arboretum. The Hudson Garden Grill is the perfect place for a small reception, and can serve up to 70 guests. 

Botanical Garden Wedding NYC Restrictions

Once you pick your venue and begin to plan, you must consider possible wedding restrictions. One restriction posed by the New York Botanical Garden is that you will automatically be working with the Constellation Culinary Group for your catering needs. There is also an approved list of florists available to choose from. 


The New York Botanical Garden hosts a wide variety of events, and your wedding should be one! The helpful staff, wonderful venues, and breathtaking photo opportunities should be enough to convince any couple to give it a try. This is the perfect site for a wedding ceremony, reception, and more! Hopefully this helped in your planning and gave you some ideas for wedding venues in New York City.

If you would like to discuss your wedding day, please CONTACT ME to chat details!


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