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Hastings House Garden Weddings

Looking to have an elope or even just a smaller, more intimate wedding? The Hasting House Garden offers the perfect setting for you.

Located at Half Moon Bay, California, the Hasting House Garden includes a one-of-a-kind garden scenery. Stroll through the colorful bright flowers and trees as you approach your groom to exchange vows.

The stunning nature makes the perfect backdrop for those memorable photos and videos. The various combinations of yellow, blue, purple, red, pink, and white flowers add to the enchanted vibes of the place. Depending on the season, you can get a different variety of blooming colors. During the winter, the plants are more of a cooler palette with rich yellow, purple, and blue tints. Do not worry though, throughout the entire year, the flowers still blossom beautifully.

With long branches, large tree barks, and a splash of color, you really feel like you are getting married in an enchanted forest. Say “I do” right under a picturesque arch full of large vibrant flowers and tree branches. It seems almost as though you really don’t need to add any extra touch of decorations. The venue offers just enough of it naturally.

Want to change up the views? Right by the peaceful garden lies a half-acre lot that oversees the great Pacific Ocean. Hear the serene waves crashing against the shore. How could you even want to leave such a scenery? The striking open area makes you want to take a deep breath to inhale the fresh beach aroma. Take off those elegant heels for just a moment and walk barefoot against the delicate sand to feel it dissolving between your toes. It’s all a shock to one’s senses. It truly feels like you are taken into this hidden world full of tranquility and calmness.

Right beside the garden lies the bride’s cottage with a great amount of space for the bride to get into her gorgeous dress. The white wooden architectural design just adds to the fantasy-world scenery. Privately cheers with your ladies to this perfect wedding ceremony that cannot have been done any better.

You don’t have to be alone during the wedding planning process. Linda Montalto Patterson and her husband Richard live in the elegant home directly in front of the garden. Since 1984, Linda has been the master mind behind this entire perfectly designed garden. She is both the designer and gardener for the Hasting House. On top of that, she is a wedding coordinator and has had experience working with such memorable weddings. Richard plays the guitar and can perform the soothing instrument throughout your wedding ceremony or reception. The singing birds added to your music help enhance the romantic atmosphere.

The Hasting House Garden offers the perfect sense of privacy with such a secluded setting. It’s the right spot for that elopement wedding you desire.

347 Mirada Road
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

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