Studio 333 Wedding

Amanda and Nick held their Studio 333 wedding in Sausalito, choosing this wedding venue to best showcase their styles. Studio 333 is a fine art and event gallery located by the Bay on the northern side of the Golden Gate Bridge. Surrounded by about 70 of their closest friends and family, they appreciated the quirky artwork at the venue to give it a contemporary feel, and a garden for their outdoor ceremony. Located next to a park, Nick and his groomsmen were able to hang out a bit before the ceremony as makeup and hair were running late, which allowed me to get a better feel for his personality and character with his best buds. I quickly realized he is this happy-go-lucky mellow guy who gifted his groomsmen this mini power tool and flashlight all in one, an early introduction of how silly he is. Forgoing an engagement shoot, the wedding day was the first real exposure to the couple, and I quickly realized how carefree they were with each other, and about being “married” in general. It wasn’t a huge deal for them, and they wanted their Studio 333 wedding day to reflect it as well. 

One of my favorite photos of Melissa is of her holding a PBR and a lit cigarette in the other, and of Nick giving a personalized thank you to his best man. They are real authentic depictions of their personalities, and I definitely savor every little nuance I can capture for my Couples. I always try to tell your wedding story as accurately as I can, and I love it when people are unaware of my presence and not holding back. It’s your wedding and your story…you do you 🙂

The best thing about this Studio 333 wedding is the fact that they did everything that fit their personalities. This little union reminds me of when people elope and how they make the day more intentional. If you want to read up on what I mean, take a look at these Reasons to Elope that I have learned over time.

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