Log Cabin Engagement Shoot with a yellow arrow and silhouettes of two men laughing

Log Cabin Presidio Engagement Shoot

Art and Will held their Log Cabin Presidio engagement shoot on a sunny day in San Francisco, the same location they will eventually hold their wedding day. Their actual plan is to elope in Costa Rica and have a local wedding reception with their family and friends to celebrate. They chose the Log Cabin for its convenience and style but also for its dual scenic views of both the Golden Gate Bridge on one side and a panoramic view of San Francisco on the other side, which we definitely took advantage of!

It has been years since I have last visited the Log Cabin, which is tucked around in the Presidio area of San Francisco. I doubt most San Franciscans even know of it…I only know about it because I used to play soccer with my sister at the adjacent field but also because of its proximity to Fort Scott, which provides a more unfamiliar view of the Golden Gate Bridge straight on. I was instantly drawn to the patio roofing illuminated yellow by the sun, and it provided an unexpected pop of color amongst the Earth tones of The Log Cabin and its surrounding vegetation. Though their initial email “Informed” me that they were an older couple and wanted simple photos, I could never just take “simple” photos for my Couples…sorry!

In addition to clean portraits I always want to give my Couples unique and creative images that help separate their images. I try not to be basic, and hope that if you are reading this you don’t settle for that either!!! 🙂 I’ve been fortunate to have won numerous awards because I always strive to give both meaningful and creatively fun images regardless of situation.

Thank you Art and Will for allowing me to capture your beautiful relationship with this Log Cabin Presidio engagement shoot and I’m looking forward to seeing you again as a married Couple!

Log Cabin Engagement Shoot with a yellow arrow and silhouettes of two men laughing

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