Stanford Memorial Church + Palo Alto Hills Country Club Wedding – Justin and Natalie

Justin and Natalie began their Stanford Memorial Church and Palo Alto Hills Golf and Country Club wedding day at Stanford Memorial Church, having their religious ceremony before their larger reception. They chose September 8th, 2018 for its numerical significance in Chinese culture but having a wedding day that was very much untraditional.

A first for me and a memorable part of this union was the fact that the entire bridal party, which consisted of Natalie’s cousins, all wore white dresses, foregoing  the traditional “rule” that the Bride should be the only one wearing white. Further breaking the traditional trend, the entire wedding party joined the Bride and Groom with matching casual footwear – Chuck Taylor All-Stars! I love it when Couples do things their way and don’t do thing simply because it is expected – that’s what makes them…them, after all! 🙂

Referring to their first date, Justin and Natalie provided Teaspoon boba drinks to welcome their guests upon arrival to the Palo Alto Hills Golf and Country Club for their wedding reception, as well as using Sugarfina gummy candy for table arrangements and favors. Boba and gummy candy – these were some lucky guests! And I was able to bring some gummy home too for what might be the best gummy bears I’ve ever had! 

Tying into the theme of uniqueness it seems, Justin’s best man, Walter, ended the dinner reception by providing a speech and a gift to the guests as he surprised everyone with a gift card to Chick-Fil-A taped under everyone’s chair, referencing Justin’s love for the fast food chain. He tied in the fact that it is often difficult for the Couple to eat during their own wedding, so he even presented the Bride and Groom their own Chick-Fil-A sandwiches, which they happily combined with their post dinner snack of tacos later in the evening. 

It was the perfect night for this awesome laid back Couple and I was so honored to share in their special day! From the untraditional wardrobe to the hilarious speeches and moments throughout the evening, I was constantly presented with unique moments to photograph and loved every part of it. I was as excited going over these images as I was eating the gummy bears (and that is saying a lot!)

If you are interested in learning more about a Stanford Memorial Church and Palo Alto Hills Golf and Country Club wedding, check out this walkthrough I wrote on the Palo Alto Hills Golf and Country Club with more information!

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