How to Plan a Cleveland Botanical Garden Wedding

The Ultimate Guide for Planning a Cleveland Botanical Garden Wedding (complete with pricing, capacity, and photos)

Who doesn’t want their wedding to be beautiful? From the tiniest decoration to the invitations, we all work hard to create a gorgeous experience…and nothing creates the perfect atmosphere quite like a beautiful location. 

That’s why the Cleveland Botanical Garden, also known as the Holden Arboretum, is the perfect wedding destination. Though most people associate botanical gardens with sightseeing, they can be an absolutely breathtaking venue. Keep reading to find out more about having a lovely Cleveland Botanical Garden wedding.

Why You Should Have a Cleveland Botanical Garden Wedding

Before you immediately question having your wedding in a botanical garden, consider the fact that it is an unbeatable location. The lawns are meticulously manicured, and the flowers that attract so many visitors will give your wedding the perfect background.

Cleveland Botanical Garden has ten beautiful areas to choose from, including a variety of lovely indoor settings in case you want protection from the weather. No matter what area of the grounds that you choose, you are sure to get amazing views and photos.

It is also an ideal location because the organization is experienced at hosting weddings. With many years of professional experience under their belt, you can feel confident that the Cleveland Botanical Garden can give you the wedding you’ve been dreaming of.

That wedding experience also means that they offer lots of information for future brides and grooms to research! Let’s review crafting the perfect Cleveland Botanical Garden wedding.

Cleveland Botanical Garden Wedding Locations

When it comes to planning your Cleveland Botanical Garden wedding, you have many choices for your ceremony and reception. Each of them can be used during the day or the evening, for both ceremonies and receptions.

The only exception is the Geis Terrace, an outdoor patio space with aquatic features that is only available in the evenings. Each venue has a different capacity, so talk to the Botanical Garden staff about the perfect location for you and your guests.

If you want a ceremony that is surrounded by the beauty of nature, the Japanese Garden will be perfect. For an indoor reception with an unparalleled view of the gardens, Clark Hall will be up to speed. No matter what you choose, the locations all guarantee wonderful sights and the ideal wedding space.

For a more extensive list of Cleveland Botanical Garden wedding venues, please take a look here.

cleveland botanical garden wedding

The Best Time of Year To Get Married in Cleveland Botanical Garden

As previously mentioned, you can select a “ceremony-only” package between the months of May and October. You will find that this is also the best time of year to get married in the rest of the gardens, and the only time the venue will offer wedding packages. 

Though the lovely indoor areas can protect you from the cold, the gardens are absolutely breathtaking and you’ll want to make sure they are available. After all, the flowers are the stars of the show and no wedding at the garden will be complete without them.

Make sure that you contact the Cleveland Botanical Garden to book in advance, because the warmer months certainly fill up fast!

Cleveland Botanical Garden Wedding Cost and Offerings

Whether you choose to elope or want an elaborate ceremony, the Cleveland Botanical Garden has something to offer. You can choose to have a rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception all on site! 

This site offers a variety of quality locations, and if you choose the “ceremony-only” package, you can get married at either 10:30am or 2:00pm on the day of your choosing. This package is available May through October, and will take place in either the Sunken Garden or the Japanese Garden location.

The reception venues can hold up to 220 people, and are available from 6:00pm to as late as 12:00am! It includes professional coordinators and the option for an evening ceremony beginning at 6:00pm. 

They also offer a special elopement package! No matter what you choose, you will see why this place was voted Cleveland’s best outdoor wedding venue.

Cleveland Botanic Garden Wedding Restrictions

There are certain things you should be informed about when it comes to planning your Cleveland Botanical Garden wedding. The first is that the time of year matters, as April to October will be the most likely times to find a date.

If you choose to have a “ceremony-only” option, you will get two hours at the garden for your ceremony. Any additional time will cost extra, so it would be best to rent the venue for a ceremony and reception to combine the two.

Another thing to consider is that the overall cost will be impacted by the time of day, day of the week, and number of guests. Set a budget and make a concrete plan for your wedding to avoid unexpected fees.

Planning, Food, and More!

Both the rehearsal dinner option and the reception package will be catered by Marigold Catering, the premier catering company for the Cleveland Botanical Garden. With the reception, you can choose to customize your menu to fit your own tastes.

The Cleveland Botanical Garden also offers personalized staff assistance with their wedding packages to ensure that everything runs smoothly. This includes staff help at the rehearsal dinner and even professional coordinators to help with your big day and reception.

The reception rental package also allows you access to the bridal room to get ready, a stand-by indoor location in the event of bad weather, and guest parking. Everything is done to ensure that your wedding day is perfect so that you can focus on what really matters – getting married!


If you are wanting a gorgeous wedding in an unforgettable location, you can’t do much better than the Cleveland Botanical Garden. The flowers and grounds are breathtaking, and the photo opportunities will be endless. The professional staff also make it easier than ever to plan a perfect day.

What are you waiting for? Begin your journey towards a beautiful Cleveland Botanical Garden wedding today!a

If you would like to discuss your wedding day, please CONTACT ME to chat details!


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