How to Plan a Chabot Space and Science Center Wedding

Chabot Space and Science Center Wedding Planning Guide
(complete with pricing and photos)

If you are planning a Chabot Space and Science Center wedding, this guide will help lead you in the right direction, offering all the necessary information you might need for your planning. Located in Oakland, this venue is one of the more unique wedding venues in that it is a museum.

Why a Chabot Space and Science Center Wedding

The Chabot Space and Science Center specializes in ethereal, celestial ceremonies.  Surrounded by 13 acres of vast Redwood, the state-of-the-art science center features indoor and outdoor exhibits each with unique features and accommodations. 

How to Book Chabot Space and Science Center Weddings

Chabot Space and Science Center Wedding Cost

Rental Fee: $12,900+/event
Capacity: varies upon the venue chosen

To get a more thorough pricing outline, check out this brochure

Chabot Space and Science Center Wedding Locations

The Spees Building

CAPACITY: SEATED 500; STANDING 700 SAT: $10,500 | SUN–FRI $8,500

The Spees Building is equipped with two floors of exhibits for reception and cocktail hour. The first level, with a seated capacity of 250 persons, includes the Rotunda which radiates natural lighting. Their Studio 1 exhibit, “The NASA Experience,” invites engagement in astrological interactive displays topped with dancing and live entertainment. Above lies the second level of the Spees Building. The upper Rotunda, Mezzanine, and Loggia provide the perfect space for catering/ dinner tables while overlooking nature’s atmosphere. The seated capacity of 100 houses an area of cocktails and appetizers to compliment the stunning views. 

The Astronomy Hall


The Astronomy Hall, Chabot’s largest event space, seats a seated capacity of 350 and 250 dining/dance floor capacity. Fully equipped with a built-in projector, screen, and speakers, this is the ideal space for an indoor reception. Additionally, guests can step outside to the Observation Deck to view the magnificent night sky and discover its stars and planets. 

The Observatory

The Observatory can be used as the outdoor ceremony location, accommodating your guests with a scenic forest overview. The area houses the signature telescopes, which you can include in your rental as an add on.

The Courtyard


The Courtyard, commonly used as the outdoor ceremony location, accommodates a ceremony capacity of 130 and a seated capacity of 200. The area is complete with an Amphitheater, dining space, garden, and central courtyard. Although stunning in daylight, the featured evening lighting creates a captivating ambiance. 

The Planetarium


The 241-seat Planetarium features a 70-foot dome perfect for a ceremony under the stars. The world’s most advanced immersive visualization systems allow you to captivate your audience within a real-time journey to anywhere in the universe. Imagine your celestial ceremony underneath the gorgeous night sky, riddled with shooting stars and planets. 

Best Times for a Wedding at Chabot Space and Science Center


  • Alcohol is allowed with a licensed server
  • No smoking
  • Extra insurance liability required
  • No balloons or confetti


I hope this blog helped you in imagining what a wedding at Chabot Space and Science Center can look like! With its location in the heart of the Oakland hills you can be sure to have stunning natural backdrops for your celebration. 

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