360 photobooth rental Bay Area based that adds movement and slow motion for a cinematic experience.

Introducing: The Movement Booth

A Unique Experience for Guests

The Movement Booth is the premiere 360 photobooth rental that does things differently!
Cinematic videos are customized to your movement, so you can have different videos every single time!

Whether you want to show off your whole outfit or chest bump with your friends, we got you!

If you are interested in the new 360 photo booth rental Bay Area for your party, click below.

What's the Difference?

Standard Photobooth

Same photo taken over and over
Half body photos
Stiff posing
Long lines can form

Vertical or horizontal videos
Full body to half body videos
Short videos – faster lines
Every video can be different

Standard 360 Photobooth

Limited platform to stand on
Limited video screen time
Can be confusing to use
Very large space needed

The Evolution of the Photo Booth

Premiere 360 photobooth rental San Francisco that offers a cinematic slow motion video booth 

Animated Branding to Elevate the Guest Experience

360 Photo Booth Rental Price

2 hours

$ 900

3 hours

$ 1200

4 hours

$ 1400

Add Ons:

Edited Highlight Video – Red Carpet Activation – Custom Props – AI Photo Activation

Interested in the New 360 Photo Booth Rental?


Bay Area Slow Motion Booth

Bay Area cinematic video booth for those who want something different for their party! We service all 360 photo booth rental needs Bay Area and beyond!


How much space do you need?

A flat surface, and a minimum of 12 x 10 area is best. If space is very limited, doing a downsized activation in an 8 x 8 area is possible.

Do you have different backdrops?

I try to keep the focus on the subject(s) so only offer a limited number of backdrops to choose from.

Do you need electricity?

Yes, electricity with a standard electrical outlet is needed. If needed, a generator can be brought for an additional charge.

Do you offer prints?

The Movement Booth specializes in video formats for your event needs and does not offer prints.

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