Swedenborgian Church

Swedenborgian Church is the perfect place for the traditional bride that would like to tie the knot in a stunning chapel for a sacred ceremony. It’s one of those venues that make you feel closer to your significant guests.

Right in the center of Pacific Heights, Swedenborgian Church fulfills that craving of having a perfect wedding. Its atmosphere gives a sense of serenity with its warm lighting and aroma. The church has a fine historic detail inside and out with its beautiful artwork and powerful statues. The candle lights and smooth wood panels add to the romantic scenery.

The ceremony area lies inside the church. One would say “I do” in front of a beautiful piece of what would be like an arbor, made of wood surrounded by nature like flowers and tree branches. Stunning chandeliers lit with candlesticks hover over the guests and beams of natural light from the delicate tinted windows. This helps bring a feeling of warmth and love. All is just so cozy and natural.

Attached to the church is the Parish House, which could be used as the reception area. The open floor plan includes just the right amount of space for guests to mingle. With added greenery and meaningful paintings, cheer and dine to a beautiful new beginning. Rent a cocktail table and even have catered appetizers and drinks to enhance the celebration. Sit and enjoy the moment in front of one of the warming wooden fireplaces. There even is a fascinating library full of informational books that add to the historic design of the church.

The outdoor area, behind the iron gates, includes a peaceful and well-kept garden. Any spot can act as a natural backdrop for those important photos or videos that will be kept forever. One can add their preferred decorations like colorful throw pillows or rustic designed chairs throughout the area.

Don’t worry about feeling lost about where to begin preparing your wedding at Swedenborgian Church. The venue provides services from musicians, ministers, and even wedding coordinators. Their incredible staff have great experience and can help guests with planning and organizing for the special event. They all will make sure your wedding will go smoothly and exactly the way you would like it.

This gorgeous jewel of a venue has such a rich detail throughout its entire area that even those not religious consider getting married here. An online review from a former visitor mentions, “great for even the non-religious” as she goes on to say that she, herself is not religious but “knew it was the right perfect place.”
Just roaming and researching online, it’s fairly hard to find any review lower than 5 stars. In fact, Swedenborgian Church has won a Couples’ Choice Awards and two Bride’s Choice Awards!
As you can see, Swedenborgian Church is a one-of-a-kind sanctuary with such a special setting for those that are religious and for those that are not.

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