Marin Art and Garden Center Family Shoot

The Morell Family’s Marin and Art Garden Center family shoot in Ross, California, was held on a beautiful sunny day in typical North Bay weather. Believe it or not, this was their first family shoot ever! With two little girls, ages three and five, they obviously held off on taking family photos…but as I tell people…there is never a bad time to take family photos! In retrospect, Kristin never did maternity photos or had newborn photos either, so this being their first family shoot ever was a pretty big deal! And I definitely was honored that she chose me! šŸ˜€

With the daughters at more “photo friendly ages,” it made the process a lot easier for them as well, and the girls absolutely loved being in front of the camera! Looking like seasoned photoshoot parents, they even knew the secret technique of jelly bean bribery / rewards (depending on how you look at it haha).

The Marin Art and Garden Center is a popular location for weddings and elopements, but is also a great park to walk around and photograph by itself with its wide variety of themed areas. Providing so many different backdrops for these family photos, it made the shoot a lot easier to go from one area to the next quickly (thus maintaining their attention without much walking around), and I think we did a pretty good job of getting a variety of looks in just an hour! One of my favorite sequences of the shoot involved the redĀ leaves, and I loved that the color added to the floral dresses perfectly. It was an honor to help document this family for their first shoot together with thisĀ Marin and Art Garden Center family shoot, and I hope I made the experience for everyone involved a memorable one! This family is so photogenic and so happy, I am bewildered as to why it took them so long to document those smiles!

Check this out if you’d like to see my Family portfolio.

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