California Academy of Sciences

A Wedding full of Exploration & Romance
Not everyone likes to tie the knot the traditional way. I mean, there are so many different venues that can truly spark the memorable moment of getting married. From mountaintops to caves to zoos, you can really get that one-of-a-kind ceremony.
California Academy of Sciences is that perfect unique wedding venue. Your ceremony will be in an all-in-one aquarium, planetarium, and history museum. Who really ever gets the chance to say I do under a large pool full of gorgeous sea creatures or exchange vows under dinosaur bones found hundreds of years ago?

Located in Golden Gate Park of San Francisco, this wedding venue has more than just an elegant room to offer. Your guests will have more than enough room to mingle and explore. Whether you are planning to have a small intimate or grand luxurious wedding, the museum has the perfect space for either or.

With its twelve unique settings, guests feel instantly encouraged to explore and appreciate all the stunning nature, fascinating art, and lovely animals!

There is really no need to even add any decorations. The venue itself offers such exclusive décor that no one could ever even get hands on outside of it. The dramatic architectural designs and the illuminating wildlife all act as the perfect natural backdrop for when you kiss your groom or take those impressive photos.


This astonishing lit museum is home to about 40,000 live animals, which over 900 of them are unique! Tanks full of endless amusing creatures surround the area. Have one of the strange unidentified sea creatures photobomb your photographs. Flashlight fish and coconut octopuses can add a touch of joy and laughter to your grand moment. Cheer to a new beginning with your handsome groom under a pool of dolphins, sharks, and other beautiful colorful sea animals.

The wildlife gives a dash of romance and happiness to your moments that are becoming unforgettable memories. In fact, the beautiful animals will not leave you alone! Have your guests dine and mingle in the African Hall where African Penguins will join the occasion and even be properly dressed for your special event. Or, feast with Claude, the albino alligator that never stops smiling!


Dance under the stellar view of the world’s second-largest, all-digital Morrison Planetarium. This 75-foot dome introduces the astonishing visuals of scientist’s latest discoveries. Kiss below the stars in the elegant Piazza full of glass walls and ceilings. Feel like you are out of space as every star and galaxy hovers all throughout the room. It’s just a sensation that you and your guests have never experience. Take advantage of the heightened senses. The romantic atmosphere is decorated with a starry night.
History Museum

Get lost in the past as the Kimball Natural History Museum offers over 160 years of exploration in just one sitting. Fill your wedding with an extensive amount of illuminating colors from structures and artwork. The entire space has back to back fragments of historical artifacts of high value. Want a prehistoric animal to photobomb your pictures instead, well there you have it. You and your guests can explore all the fascinating objects and exhibits.

You and your guests are already witnessing history being made. You are getting married!
With all the different exclusive settings, your wedding will dramatically illuminate. What better way to make history with your friends and family in this breathtaking and extraordinary museum?

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