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Wedding photographer in Seattle for people who value real candid moments and don’t want cookie cutter images.

Want your photos to look real and authentic,
and not so posed and contrived?

That’s where I come in.

polka dot red circles laughing bride and groom in a white circle

If you prefer laughter over smiles, we'll get along

Your wedding day is not a photoshoot. It isn’t endless posing and kissing.
It is your epic celebration, and I am just there to document your story.

I guarantee I will make you laugh, so if you are “awkward in front of the camera” I got you!  I love capturing (and making) laughter and real moments. 

My goal as a wedding photographer in Seattle is to document real moments to help you remember how much joy there is in your life. 

Awards and Recognition

Hi, I'm Ian!

I’m a San Francisco native with family in Seattle and consider it my second home. 

I like country music, am an avid yogi, and am a back to back fantasy basketball champion. 

I know being in front of the camera can be super awkward, so don’t worry – I prefer a candid approach. But I also love creative portraits for you to hang on the wall.

For a better feel for my style, check out the behind the scenes video I have in my About page below.

Photos that remind you how you felt during your wedding day

Explore my Portfolio



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400+ Weddings as a Wedding Photographer in Seattle

Seattle Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer in Seattle, I have been fortunate to have grown up on the West Coast, one of the best places in the world to get married. In addition to the great cuisine, attractions, and cultures, Seattle is home to some amazing natural landscapes and wedding venues. See below for some of my favorites.

Best Seattle Wedding Venues

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