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Preservation Park Wedding groom and bride wiping their tears as their daughter comforts them
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Wedding photographer in Sacramento for people who value real candid moments and don’t want cookie cutter images.

Want your photos to look real and authentic,
and not so posed and contrived?

That’s where I come in.

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…is love. All the flowers and food help add to your wedding experience, but what truly lasts is the love captured and how it makes you feel.

Your skin will wrinkle and your memories will fade, so how I document your day is how you will remember your wedding years from now. 

Documenting these stories is not something I take lightly.

My mission as a wedding photographer in Sacramento is to document the love of the day, for you, your guests, and for generations yet to come.



san francisco elopement photographer couple saying vows in fog
014 - Diablo Creek Golf Course Wedding Photos - Shelley and Michael


Wedding Photographer in Sacramento

Sacramento wedding photographer, avid yogi, and Disney World lover

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Ian and I’m a Sacramento wedding photographer! As a California native, I’ve been so blessed to call it home all my life and particularly love small weddings and elopements.

At the heart of my focus as a wedding photographer in Sacramento is to give meaningful wedding photos to all my Couples, because I know how significant these fleeting moments are with the most important people in your lives.

You aren’t basic so let’s make sure your photos aren’t either.

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Award winning wedding photographer in Sacramento

Photos that remind you how you felt during your wedding day

Explore my Wedding Portfolio​

Candid Storytelling.

Fun Authentic Moments of Joy.

Creative Portraits.

Best Moments

Best Portraits

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762 10th Ave San Francisco, CA 94118

300+ Weddings as a Sacramento Wedding Photographer

 Wedding Photography in Sacramento

As a wedding photographer in Sacramento, I have been fortunate to have grown up in one of the best places in the world to elope. In addition to the great cuisine, attractions, and weather, Northern California is home to some amazing natural landscapes and elopement venues. Redwood trees, ocean views, and wineries are all a short drive from the City.

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