Wedding in Disneyland Cost + Ultimate Planning Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Disneyland Wedding
(with pricing and photos) 

If you ask any random couple about their dream wedding, I’m pretty sure that most of them will want their wedding ceremony to be grand and magical.  To have a remarkable wedding, I think the fantasy world of Disneyland will be an apt spot! But how much does a wedding in Disneyland cost? 

Disneyland offers several versatile packages to help make your dream wedding a reality!  Whether you want your wedding to be only with your close friends and families, an intimate garden wedding, or a grand celebration with a huge wedding party, your special day will surely be memorable here.

Wedding in Disneyland Cost (Florida)

Fee: $5000-$50000, depending upon the package you choose
Capacity: Depends upon the package you choose

The cost for the wedding will vary depending on the overall event and other expenditures such as your venue, food, beverages, etc. But, approximately, you have to spend a minimum amount of $5000 to have a memorable wedding here.

Disneyland Wedding Venues: $5,000 – $15,000

At Disneyland, the venues that seem to come at a reasonable price range are Conch Key Marina, Luau Beach, Luau Pointe, and Sago Cay. All of them have event minimums ranging from $5,000 – $15,000. The total wedding cost also depends on which day of the week you are going to have your wedding, the time of the day, season, etc. 

Disneyland Wedding Venues: $7,000 – $17,000

Do you want wedding venues having an event minimum ranging from $7000 to $17000? Then you have the German Courtyard, Tamu Tanu, Japan Courtyard Bonsai Promenade, Italy Isola, UK Courtyard, Terrace de Fleur, Italy Plaza, Eau de France, and many more!

Disneyland Wedding Venues: $8,000 – $20,000

Mesmerizing venues are available at event minimums between $8000 – $20000 if this is within your budget. Shipwreck Beach, Sea Breeze Point, Croquet Lawn, the Wedding Gazebo, Destino Plaza, Casitas Courtyard are the most popular venues in this price range. 

Disneyland Wedding Venues: $20,000 – $50,000

A remarkable and majestic wedding venue at Main Street has some gorgeous views of Cinderella’s Castle and is available for an event minimum between $20000 and $50000. You will be awestruck by its aesthetic charm and breathtaking panorama.

You can also go to an enchanting private island such as Disney’s Wedding Pavilion, where you can have your dream wedding over the shores of the beautiful Seven Seas Lagoon.

Wedding in Disneyland Cost (California)

Fee: $2000-$10000, depending upon the package you choose
Capacity: 350-500 persons, depending upon the package you choose

If you dream of a mystical wedding straight out of a fairy tale, you have to pack your bags and head towards Disneyland, California with your partner and loved ones. 

Why Choose Disneyland California

There are plenty of reasons but a unique one is that here, you can seek help from professionals on how to plan a wedding at Disneyland. They will enhance your dream wedding by inviting some Disney characters to the ceremony! You can also make your wedding spot a cheerful, magnificent destination event in a European courtyard, tropical forest, or something like a postcard-worthy beach.

How is Pricing Done at Disneyland California

At Disneyland California, you have so many choices where your total cost will be decided based on the minimum expenditures of the wedding ceremony. Like Florida, the basic fee is decided based on the Disneyland wedding venues, the day and time when you are going to have your wedding, food, etc. 

There are currently no specific wedding packages here. The cost of brunch for one person is $145, lunch costs $165 per person and dinner costs $190 per person. 

What is Included

In addition to these things, you also have to pay taxes. You’ll have to pay 7.75 percent sales tax and 25 percent labor tax. Gratuity service charges are also applicable. There is a compulsory condition for the food services provided here, that is, it must meet a per person minimum, which is entirely based on when you decide to have your wedding.

Wedding in Disneyland Cost (Cruise) 

Fee: Starts at $3500, varies depending upon the venues
Capacity: A minimum of 18 guests, but you have an option to add guests. 

If you are one among those who are dreaming of exchanging “I DOs” aboard the Disney Cruise Line, the pricing for having an ideal wedding is set up in a package format, two packages, one at $3500 and the other at $4500, to help you in making the experience smooth and fantastic. 

Why choose Disneyland Cruise

At Disney Parks and Resorts, some well-experienced team members will help you in the journey of making your dreams a reality with event planners, a fantastic collection of dresses that look gorgeous for weddings, and amazing cake makers!

You can be the king or queen at the fairyland, with gorgeous surroundings and background setups. Some extra services you can add to enliven your dream event include a string trio with carriages and a crystal coach with a driver and two footmen dressed to the nines in full regalia.

How is Pricing Done at Disneyland Cruise

Here you have a panel of experts who can help you budget out your wedding expenses. On the Disneyland Cruise, you will be charged a basic fee of $325.79 per person per night along with food, activities, and other requirements. 


Weddings in the fairytale world of Disneyland have some fantastic destinations on both coasts among which one is situated on the water! With our Disneyland wedding guide, you would have got an idea to answer your question: how much does a wedding in Disneyland cost. 

You can have a wedding right out of a storybook at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, or at the Disneyland Resort, California, where you can have Cinderella’s Castle as the backdrop and Mr. Mickey will be your uninvited guest! This wedding checklist at Disneyland will help all your wedding dreams ring true in no time!

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