Tooth and Nail Winery Wedding Cost + Planning Guide

Ultimate Planning Guide to a Tooth and Nail Winery Wedding
(with pricing and photos)

Wondering what a Tooth and Nail Winery wedding cost is and thinking of saying your vows here? Choosing a Tooth and Nail Winery wedding is like having your celebration at a medieval castle. As you walk across the moat, you will transport yourself into the days of King Arthur! With a stunning panoramic view of the area, this is one of my favorite and most unique Paso Robles wedding venues that will have your guests talking about for a very long time.

Why a Tooth and Nail Winery Wedding?

It begins with the grandeur of the Castle. The front looks straight out of a historical garden, yet that’s just the beginning. The elegant white Castle stands as a lovely complement to the rolling hills of green from the vineyards that surround it. Wedding events are hosted on a raised terrace overlooking the vineyards. Everything is intentional, including having a catwalk overlooking a grand foyer where the bride and groom can make their grand entrance from.

Tooth and Nail Winery Wedding Cost

Rental Fee : $8000
Food Charges : starting at $55 / person

Tooth and Nail Winery Wedding Spaces

Capacity : 200 guests

The Tooth & Nail Winery features a whopping 9000 sq. feet of indoor and outdoor event spaces, and everyone from wine lovers, fairy tale wedding hunters, and couples will find their own little favorite space. In total, there are five event spaces you can use for your wedding. The Amor Fati Room and Terrace feature bistro lighting for those dreamy pictures. The library is available for small parties, and the Foyer allows you to descend a flight of stairs fit for a palace. The West Club Terrace and Eat terrace offer picturesque views of the vineyard’s alias green velvet.

For your wedding, you are encouraged to schedule a private tour and tasting session to try the wines and sample the spaces that suit your style of wedding. That said, you can set up a ballroom, castle, rooftop, or vineyard and winery wedding—the choice is yours!

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