Ghirardelli Square Engagement Shoot

Marshall proposed to Ximena by the water around Ghirardelli Square, so they thought it a great idea to have a Ghirardelli Square engagement shoot, despite living in San Jose. I always love it when couples choose a meaningful location as it makes it that much more personal for them to shoot in, and that much more fun for me to experiment in as well since I am always wanting to give my Clients different creative images and photos that aren’t always so literal. Although Ghirardelli is a popular tourist location to visit, it is not the most common engagement shoot location, and I admittedly hadn’t been there in a few years up until then so it was great to reminisce about my high schools days of splitting their 8 person sundaes between myself and several of my friends. I mean a few of my friends….umm…OK…myself…. 😛

It was so great working with these two goof balls, as they were smiling and laughing the entire shoot, having fun with silly ideas presented to them and making the most of their time around this particular location. After doing some fun sunset photos around the Bay where he proposed, we took a short drive to Fort Point to try our luck with the Golden Gate Bridge at dusk, and hopefully, some silhouetted fishermen, since Marshall is a huge fishing fan.

Unfortunately, luck wasn’t with us as the two fishermen that were there upon arrival were about to leave so we settled for migratory brown pelicans instead of fishing poles silhouetted with the couple…which ended up being my favorite shot of the day. 

After a short time at Fort Point it got pretty dark and we were all hungry so we ended up hanging out at one of their favorite Korean restaurants, where Ximena gushed about how they worked together and secretly hung out chatting into the early morning, and Marshall and I compared fishing stories and technique. This Ghirardelli Square engagement shoot was memorable for many reasons – I wish you guys the best!

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