How to Plan a Zephyr Lodge Northstar Wedding

Ultimate Guide on How to Plan a Zephyr Lodge Northstar Wedding
(with Pricing + Photos)

Getting married to the love of your life already feels like you are on top of the world. However, you can enhance that feeling even more at Zephyr Lodge NorthStar Resort!

In Truckee, California lies the Zephyr Lodge venue where you can get married on a mountaintop that oversees all of nature’s glory. No need to stress so much on décor or deceptive backdrops – the scenery of this venue is enough.

Whether you are planning a small, more intimate wedding or a large grand ceremony, Zephyr Lodge has just the right space for either or with exceptional views.

The Gondola

To get to the top of the mountain, you will ride this spacious metal gondola that feels like you are being taken into this grand fantasy world. Watch as the beautiful intense greenery and soaring trees pass right by you. See the great mountain bikers ride full of great energy that enhances your feeling of joy!

Overlook Pavilion

As you reach your destination, Overlook Pavilion, you will see a large stunning structure full of grand windows with a lovely spacious wooden deck. This is generally where the reception would take place. Inside includes a dramatic tall ceiling and wooden panels to add to the resort’s décor. The grand windows fill the entire front side wall offering the entire area a breathtaking view of ongoing hills and mountains. Massive metal chandeliers above bring warmth to the room. Dance and mingle on the spacious dance floor with all your company!


Have guests dine with NorthStar Catering as they provide an extraordinary feast. You have the option of altering the menu for those selective taste buds. As the exclusive chef and culinary team offer a fresh California farm to fork cuisine with a splendid drink menu full of wine, brews, and signature cocktails, you will taste a piece of heaven.

Say “I do”

Step right outside of the reception area to where you will find yourself in a spacious lawn that oversees a view full of grand mountains and trees. Bright white flowers add a romantic touch throughout the entire outdoor area. Exchange your vows at the very tip of the mountaintop with enough space to prepare the ceremony directly outside of the reception area. With the best breathtaking backdrop nature has to offer, the photos and videos capturing this significant moment will last lifetimes.

Wedding Coordinators & Staff

The entire wedding venue can be tailored to suit just about any décor theme. It can be perfect for just about anything from a rustic-style wedding to a more elegant, classy style wedding. That is one of the great parts of the whole venue. The venue doesn’t limit your wedding-day visions, but rather enhances your special event. If you still are not convinced, the wedding venue assigns a wedding coordinator to each couple. With excellent experience, these planners go above and beyond to help bring to life each couples wedding-day dreams. They make sure everything is set and planned in a timely manner to make your wedding perfect!

Stay the Night

Don’t want to stress about how your guest will get to and from the event? The Village at NorthStar offers guests one of the best lodgings in Truckee with great amenities such as various restaurants, spas, and of course, Starbucks. Guests have the option to stay in either hotel-style rooms, one to four-bedroom condominiums, studios, or private homes. All of which of an elegant touch to it. Your guests will also have access to easy transportation to all activities the resort offers like skiing and mountain biking.

The Zephyr Lodge NorthStar Resort can truly enhance the romantic within every couple. They will feel the intense love in the air and feel on top of the world, quite literally and figuratively! 

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