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What to Wear for your Maternity Shoot

Choosing what to wear for your maternity shoot can be one of the more difficult decisions when it comes to the photoshoot. You want something that is flowy, easy to move around, and fashionable! That’s why I put together these tips on how to choose the perfect outfit for your maternity session.

Think about the style of your photos.

When choosing what to wear for your maternity session, think about the style of images are looking for. Are you going for a cozy in-home session or a light and airy outdoor shoot? Once you determine what kind of session you want, you can better figure out what outfit would work best.

Prepare for the weather.

While you definitely want to look good in your photos, you also want to be comfortable. If your session is during the cooler months, choose a warm outfit with plenty of layers. During spring or summer, go for a bright and colorful outfit that’s light enough to keep you comfortable.

Coordinate with your family.

If your significant other or older children will be in your maternity photos, be sure to coordinate everyone’s outfits. You don’t want to match perfectly, but you don’t want your clothing to clash and distract from the main focus: your baby bump! Choose outfits that are different shades of the same color to keep things clean and simple.

palace of fine arts maternity photos with a husband and wife holding toys for their child wearing coordinated colors

Avoid trendy styles and patterns.

You want your photos to be timeless, go with simple colors and pieces that won’t go out of style. Choose appropriate clothing that your kids won’t make fun of years down the road.

Choose one or two outfits.

Having a second outfit handy helps in case any last minute changes need to be made. In addition, sometimes we order a dress and it doesn’t fit as easily as we expected it to! These dress ideas are a great start, but do your own research to see what fits your style the best!

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